Want to Start Your Very Own Furniture Removals Business?

Starting your business is a major accomplishment. The closer you get to having it set up, the more excited you get. All those fantasies about making a pile of cash could come crashing down if you have little to no idea about how to begin.

A removals company may have always been your dream business. Now, this one is not the usual rent-some-space-and-begin kind of venture. There are some issues that you need to be aware of from the word go so that you do not find yourself at a loss when you sign your first client.

First off, a removals business is almost impossible to run on your own because it entails:

  • Getting to the client’s home or office.
  • Getting the furniture out and loading it on your truck.
  • Getting to the new location and unloading.
  • Unloading the furniture from the truck and getting it inside.

Doing all that on your own would be quite a stretch. You need to employ at least one more person to help you. If you can afford two it’s even the better. Remember though, you are starting from scratch. Do not overstretch.

Here are some things to consider as you begin:

  1. What services do you plan to offer?

There are a number of services to choose from:

  • Man and van: if you are running solo, this one is perfect for you. It is popular with customers, as it is usually booked by customers working on a low budget. It entails you driving out to the client and helping them load and unload. You can find out what services are popular by checking Brisbane locals or your area of operation.
  • Self-load: this one is also tailor-made for low-income All you do here is drive the van. The customer will load and unload for themselves.
  • Home Removals: This is the one you cannot do on your own. You must get a partner or two. It is more expensive than the aforementioned ones and targets middle-income There is a lot of lifting and carrying involved here, so doing it solo is out of the question. To get an idea, you can click here to visit the top rated House Movers In Perth.
  • Commercial Removals: You are looking at shops, offices and enterprises that constantly need removal services to move delicate equipment. You will need a partner in this one because most likely, all the moving from the loading to the unloading to the driving will be done by you.
  • Packing: Many clients prefer a removal service that offers professional packing services. If they can get everything done for them at a fee that they can afford, they will prefer a company that offers packing amongst all the other services. If you want to target the higher range clients, gain some packing skills.
  • Storage: Sometimes, people just want a place they can leave their stuff for some time as they figure out their next move. Someone may be going overseas on a work assignment for a few months and want their furniture to be safe. Maybe they gave up their apartment and plan to rent afresh when they get back. In that case, they expect you to store their furniture for the four months they will be away.

Consider offering a mix of the services in order to reach a wider range of clients. You can also get some more insights from the internet by checking Brisbane locals to get a feel of what to expect and which services are always on demand.