Welsh Avenue – “Disco Moon”

Welsh Avenue delves into a fun, playful dance-rock with the blissful “Disco Moon”. Lush synthesizers perfectly intermingle to create a surreal, joyful realm. A great deal of color comes into the mix lending it a living, breathing sort of approach. The beats have a giddy quality to them as they set the groove up into a gracious sort of driving spirit. By opting for this approach Welsh Avenue lets the whole piece seemingly bloom. Easily the highlight of the entire track is the childlike sense of wonder that permeates the lyrics. With these lyrics Welsh Avenue sculpts something that feels so free-spirited.



Samples introduce the song with such care. Gradually the track comes into view, as the whole groove established itself quite quickly. Little rhythms emerge out of the beautiful melodies. When the vocals enter into the equation the piece truly begins. Going for a dreamy approach Welsh Avenue allows the piece to gently drift up into the sky. Everything nicely comes together, allowing for a sense of pure pleasure to enter into the mix. The ebb and flow of the work adds to its significant strengths. Buildup in particular works fantastically allowing for entire piece to simply expand up into the heavens, giving it a cosmic kick. For the final stretch Welsh Avenue gives the synthesizers a neon-hued surrealism while everything rushes towards the finale in a wonderful blur.


“Disco Moon” shows off Welsh Avenue’s uncanny knack in creating a celebratory spirit, one that simply stuns.