Stuck in an endless anxiety loop?

Do you often regret not being able to do what you always intended to? Do you find yourself caught up in a mental chatter before any action? If you can resonate with this, you aren’t alone. This end-to-end mind chatter that restricts you from making major decisions is anxiety. It makes us think excess before saying or doing something. We are always talking to ourselves. However, what matters here are the words, thoughts, phrases we are repeating within. When our mind witnesses a flurry of positive statements, that’s when we bloom to our full potential. It is where meditation and affirmation walk in to ease the mind from anxiety.

Understanding the power of Affirmations

For years healers and counselors have been emphasizing on the . Simply put, affirmations are positive words or sentences that are repeated as a daily practice, to induce a positive feeling surrounding a thought, action or belief. For instance, are you faced with anxiety, panic attacks, and tension? Does the inability to cope up with any situation in life haunt you before making important decisions? If yes, then you can write your own affirmations and repeat it daily. It could range from anything like the following:

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. Everything is good”.

“There’s no need to worry.”

“I have ample time to do what I want to, the way I want to.”

“Life is working in my favor always.”

“I am in a safe and happy place.”

The idea of an affirmation is to produce a favorable and positive emotional state than a tensed one. Not sure if you could write your proclamations and meditate? If yes, today you have several excellent websites and meditation apps that can help you with affirmations. Names like and others can help you get started.

How to combine Mindfulness, Meditation, and Affirmations?

Let’s get real in the practice of affirmations. It will work for you, but with time. Getting into a will create the perfect mental state for you to get better at affirmation. For an average individual, the mind chatter is always on. It is essential to put the mental chatter to rest. It in a way will also ease the mental clutter.

Online meditation mp3’s available are effective. These are sound notes varying anything between 5 and 15 minutes with instrumental music and guided meditation that calms the mind. It is successful in bringing your attention back to the present moment, and this is how you practice mindfulness.

Tension and anxiety arise when the mind is busy conjuring the future with thoughts of failure. Mindfulness meditation cuts this circle and helps you focus on the “now.” Once you get better at this, you can add in a set of affirmations you deem fit. Today, there are interesting online meditation apps that help you have access to easy and effective affirmations. It also allows you to write your own and practice as well.

A mind is a potent tool that we human beings have. Using it the correct way is the key to channel peace and success in life. Anxiety is just a state of mind that you can talk yourself out of with a minimal hand-holding. Mindfulness, meditation and affirmations are useful tools that heal anxiety and boosts confidence.