Rev Peter Unger New Album ‘Lives on the Line, Songs for Our Troubled Times’

Rev Peter Unger crafts a soothing, reassuring realm with the tender “Lives on the Line, Songs for Our Troubled Times”. Arrangements have a gentle disposition to them and Rev Peter Unger ensures everything feels carefully balanced. By far the true soul comes from the carefully thought out lyricism that weaves its way over the course of the epic journey that unfolds. Best taken in as a whole, the confessional element of the album adds to the sense of intimacy that helps to inform the album’s message of redemption.

“Love Is What I’ll Do” sets the tone for the album, featuring a spirited electric guitar with a unique western twang. Truly speaking of a higher power is the potent work of “As I Am” where the piece unfolds with such luscious care. Easily the highlight comes from the positively of “Lord Guide Me Home” where the lyrics speak to a great truth, one that offers a great sort of salvation. Woozy arrangements come into view with “Blood on Our Hands”. Pastoral rhythms help to drive “You’re Not Alone” forward. Featuring a celebration of community, the piece allows for such warmth. With a swinging sort of style comes the bluesy “Take It Down to the River”. Perfectly concluding the album is the majestic “Trust Me All the More”.

Delivered with true love and honesty, Rev Peter Unger offers a path of hope on the reflective “Lives on the Line, Songs for Our Troubled Times”.

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