Silver Spoon Presents Video “In the Heat of the Night”

Silver Spoon is made up of lead singer/guitarist Cristiano Sadun, bassist Vittorio Pinelli, guitarist Jørn Wangensteen Larsen, and drummer Morten Haga. Along with the firm Nordic backbone, both Sadun and Pinelli bring an inherently Mediterranean flair to the group’s sound due to the fact they were both born and raised in Italy. Bringing classical guitars and romanticized melodic patterns into the mix of a modern rock and roll band had yet to be perfected until Silver Spoon came around.

The official music video for “In The Heat Of The Night” showcases a woman in her prime, defying her negative thoughts, and marching forward with the band as her soundtrack. She flows around like a bed of flowers in bloom once she leaves the gloom of her woes, taking on the town with “The Heat Of The Night” keeping her flame alive.