Bongo Boy Records Worldwide – LOVE IS VOLUME TWO by Various Artists

Johnny Douglas goes for a tremendous tenderness with the hushed awe of “Leave The Light On”. Emotive vocals flow throughout. Nicely serving as the backbone of the whole piece, the way everything else stems from these expressive lyrics feels masterful.

Going for a rustic form of Americana, Inches From Sin’s symphonic “Laid My Heart Out” has a tremendous heartfelt spirit to it. Deeply soothing, the whole arrangement has a classic, timeless quality while it evolves with the utmost of grace. Lyrics explore the importance of commitment within a relationship.

“Falling For You” sounds akin to a long lost hit, as Studeo goes for a wild, carefree approach. Rhythms drive the piece forward while the vocals have a steadfastness to them. Guitars soar up into the sky adding to its tremendous majesty.

Sung with great soul, Gar Francis takes on a bluesy demeanor with the lovely “Man On The Moon”. Keeping things in an intimate setting, the whole unfurls in a graceful way. With a true sense of compassion, Gar Francis explores the importance of caring for others.

Infinitely catchy, Kama Ruby’s “It’s Fine With Me” goes for a carefully crafted spirit. Jazz and rock come together in a compelling, colorful fashion. All of it works together as the many layers add to the sense of purpose that defines the track.

E G Holmes takes on a reverent, cinematic side with the sweeping “Would You Do Anything For Love feat Jackie Cespedes Molinary”. Her voice simply stuns with a fiery passion that rises above the arrangement. Done with great care, the whole work has an outright majestic aura to it.

Above The Sun goes for a playful disposition with “Bella”. Truly embracing a celebratory, communal style the whole work grows in scope. With a most perfect buildup, the whole piece soars up.

With a clear retro feeling, Susan SurfTone’s “If I Knock” has a sunny, summery atmosphere. Tremendous energy flows through the work, full of determination. Infectious grooves take hold helping the whole piece evolve in a gracious fashion.

On “Love Is (acoustic version)” Mark Baxter strips things down to the essentials. With a 60s folk quality to it, their vocals feel warm and inviting. Quite comforting, the loveliness of the track is unparalleled.

NazB lets things come into focus ever so carefully on the gentle “Stay For Better”. Full of introspection, the track explores an interior monologue, as the lyrics focus upon the self. Highly thoughtful and articulate, the song has a pitch perfect balance to it.

“Would You Stay If I Write You A Love Song feat. David Vanden Enden” shows E G Holmes playing to David Vanden Enden’s strengths. Featuring a strong, reassuring voice, David Vanden Enden sings with a unique observational poetry. The way the track explores in a flurry of color gives it a divine, impassioned fervor.

A gorgeous stream of color flows through Studeo’s beautiful “Can’t Stop Loving You”. Nimble keyboards add to the glowing neon-hued dream world of the work. The guitars add to the unbridled yearning that comes into the mix.

Frank Piombo goes for a classic jazz lounge quality of “Our Love feat. Angelo Uccello & Angela Marcone”. The lyrics go for a naturalistic exploration, while the arrangement feels light and breezy. Representing an effortless blend of jazz with a theatrical flair, the track simply pops.

Neatly bringing the collection to a close is the Corridors thoughtful “Grace”. Allowing the most delicate textures into the mix gives it such power. Vocals rest at the very center of it all, a wonderful mix of acoustics and electronics.

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