Natalie Lucassian – “12:26”

It is not easy to create great pop music. One must have the potential to produce something between the fad and cool, unsettled and underground. Natalie Lucassian is one of the most talented singers, songwriter and rhythm guitarist, who has the ability to make such a music that can be infectious and irresistible at once, means everything to many people. And this is well-proven when her recent EP “12:26” came accessible to the audience. “12:26” is a collection of four songs; all of them are smart, slick, thought-provoking, and soulful. These four soundtracks are oozing something between cool indie-rock and pop but resonating and glittering new sonic trail.

Whenever Natalie Lucassian has indulged herself in creating new music, something between haunting and mundane. The soundtracks of “12:26” is no exception to that. The world of music and its features are continuously evolving with the emergence of experimental sonic trails. It is not like all of them resonate a feeling of satisfaction to the ears, leading to the mind of the audience. But, Natalie Lucassian stands among the great artists who come with the perfect recipe to mix a profound and passionate resonance with the typical traditional characteristics of a musical genre. In “12:26”, she is dragging the fundamentalism of music, mixing it with modernism, transforming it into a more thoughtful, imaginatively rich and mature stage. “Restless”, “12:26”, “Pressure”, and “Ghost” reflects Natalie’s unique quality to create songs commercially accessible, keeping their organic sound and flavor intact.

Talking about “Restless”, it is the first single that came into the world of music as a fair introduction to the EP “12:26”. Within a short time period, “Restless” has become popular and the center of attraction among the crazy music lovers, as it was making its rounds across the radio stations, online music stations, etc.

The sound and melody of the song are fresh, and Natalie presents it in such a decent, smooth, flawless, and captivating way that it will take the breath of the audience away, each time they listen to it. In this soundtrack, she has maintained a mellow craftsmanship in the instrumental that falls in the right place, packed up a strong and powerful vocal. The way how Natalie is loosening her voice and taking hold of it at the same time makes the track more rejoicing and fun. As a Whole, “Restless” is a package full of entertainment, with a progressive tone, zeal, and energy.

The title track, “12:26” opens with a fascinating and mesmerizing drumming, making a way for the enthralling voice of Natalie to come under the spotlight. The rhythm, melody, instrumental goes hand in hand with the astounding lyrical expression and the magical vocal of Natalie. “12:26” is a blast of energy, liveliness, and passion that will quench the thirst of the dry mind and soul with the very first time listening.

The album, “12:26” is showcasing the musical talent of the gifted artist, Natalie Lucassian in a remarkable and noticeable way. The vocal of Natalie, her musical craftsmanship, altogether creates a vibe that is screaming the artist’s originality.


– Liam Jones