Chicago duo DRAMA, comprised of vocalist and writer Via Rosa and producer Na’el Shehade, release their new Lies After Love EP today, alongside the video for single “Majid”. At the end of last month, DRAMA teased the video in an interview with the FADER, who referred to the band as “sleek and dancey….and the kind of cathartic release that usually accompanies a good cry session.”

On the video, DRAMA adds “The video is a love story about the depths one will go to get back someone they’ve lost. It’s loosely based on the ancient legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. In the video we observe two lovers are having a binding ceremony to proclaim their love for one another. Soon after the girl is killed in a tragic accident and the boy is sent into a panic running around the city looking for someone to help bring her back to life. He finds a mystic woman with whom he trades his lover’s ring for the opportunity to revive her. Only there’s a catch. He’s never allowed to lay eyes on her again. The story and the song both embody the same theme of happiness and tragedy at the same time. “. The video for “Majid” was directed by Shomi Patwary of Illusive Media (A$AP Rocky, Beyonce, Major Lazer, Mark Ronson, etc).