The Norm – ‘Delirious (single)’

How time flies, is an expression of saying, that is used quite often if not always by many. This goes for The Norm, an alternative rock hip hop act whose time at last has come for them. This being that those days and nights of the past, that were spent in their parent’s garages, so many years prior where hours were spent, goofing off, jamming, practicing, a repeating process that brought them out of the garages; into the fronts of many people, in venues, making music, and then some. They would take this into going on to be playing a festival, titled the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, sponsored by Road to Roo and Miller Lite.

Not only will they be playing this festival, let alone winning a spot to do so, they have a brand new single, called “Delirious”. Now the track does take their genre choices very likely into being what they claim to be, alternative rock mixed with hip hop. But after listening in, the alternative rock influence is not really implanted as much as the hip hop is. Now take such acts who use the same genres, i.e. Linkin Park or even new comers From Ashes To New. These acts one known, and one being known by many, take these genres combination in stride. Knowing that the combination sounds just as it would. In the case of The Norm, more of the hip hop elemental is thrown in, than the alternative rock styling.

It makes the music lack in quality, the sound is pure, sounds decent enough, but it is not what you would expect like the other acts mentioned. You get this whole experience that sounds nothing like that, if not even a bit. Well maybe just a very tiny bit but that is it mostly. In reality their style may not sound like these other acts, their style brings out a familiarity to that of newer Fall Out Boy crossed with Twenty One Pilots, both of which, The Norm taken inspiration from actually.

That is how The Norm really sounds a lot alike. Their style is in short, decent enough. It does have a catching beat to the music’s source, melodies moving right along with the music, whereas the instrumentals do their share, making it all come together. Like how the vocalization both hip hop then less hip hop at times, makes the vocals sound in harmony with one another, whilst the music stays up with all that’s happening at that moment.

In the end, The Norm’s style is just unique and creative. As for the track they have here that is “Delirious”, it makes them an act to be known. A style in hand that all will become easily familiarized with in no time at all. If these cross blends of genres, is to your liking, then The Norms have got it handy, developing it over time, that they will grow ever so further, it will be like they will always here, not just new comers to the scene, starting out of nowhere, it just takes the time put into from the effort by the act behind it.

Markus Druery