Rett Madison Releases Debut Song “Mother’s Girl”

Rett Madison, an LA-based singer/songwriter originally from West Virginia, has shared the debut song “Mother’s Girl”. A tale of confliction in self-recognition, the folk-leaning track puts Madison’s vocals at the forefront, giving the narrative prime focus.

Madison’s songs reflect her grapple with identity and upbringing in West Virginia. “Mother’s Girl” is about the complex relationships children of addicts have with their parents and substance abuse.

“I come from a family of addicts,” Madison reveals. “In college, I noticed I was more inclined to drink to numb my social anxiety or if I was feeling melancholy. One night I drank excessively to cope and I vomited in a friend’s sink and briefly fell asleep on their kitchen floor.” Madison continues, “My mom always said her struggle with alcoholism didn’t happen overnight. It came from a slow progression of her using alcohol to cope with her problems day after day. The next morning, I wrote “‘Mother’s Girl'” because I got scared when I saw the same patterns she had talked about in myself.”

Madison moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music career following graduation from Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, where she studied songwriting.