Some Important Bear Safety Tricks that You Must Know

Remember an encounter with a wild bear could prove to be dangerous if you are not aware of bear safety tips. In most cases, the National Parks provide a whole lot of information and dictates for protecting yourself from a bear attack. If you are planning a trip to the forest, you must do your homework about bear safety. Explore the different ways how you could have a safe, exciting, and enjoyable encounter and interaction with a wild bear.

Abstain from Dropping Your Pack

Bears are basically not interested in you but they are more interested in your food or any smelly stuff, you seem to be carrying with you in your backpack. However, this is a completely wrong notion. Bears are not interested in enjoying your lunch. So do not think of dropping your pack and running. It is better to keep your pack on so that the bulk of the pack could give you a bigger appearance and you may look dominating enough to scare away the bear who would think twice before messing with you.  Moreover, the backpack acts as a shield and protects your back in case this intimidation plan fails.

Learn to Differentiate between Grizzly Bears & Black Bears

Even before you have reserved a room in one of the Tadoba National Park resorts, it is best to do some research on bears. It is best to know what sort of a bear you may come across on the trail. Grizzly bears and black bears are quite different in their mannerisms and so they should be dealt with in different ways. Black bears are usually docile and you could confront them and scare them away. However, Grizzlies are pretty aggressive in nature and it is best not to confront them.

However, the general rule for both is backing away from them and making a noise to scare them away. Do not run if the bear has come very close to you. Stay put, and try to appear larger. In the event of a black bear attack, you must put up a fight and hit the bear on its nose. In the event of a grizzly attack, play dead with your pack strategically placed between the bear and you.

Understand When It’s Just a Bluff

You must always back away from a wild bear slowly. In most occasions, bears shift to the attack mode just as a show of courage and bravado. If a bear makes a huffing noise and runs towards you, it could be a bluff. More often than not, bears pretend that they would be attacking you so try to stay calm, look tough and talk as firmly as you can in hushed tones. However, if the bear comes running towards you without making any sort of a noise, just run.


You must always try to outnumber bears so go for hiking only in a huge group. You could create a lot of noise and with so many people in a group; it would be easier to spot a bear behind the trees. You must do adequate research and homework before leaving for your wildlife vacation. Moreover, if all else fails you could handle one of nature’s strongest and biggest predators with a can of bear spray.

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