What should you know about horse riding when you are a beginner?

Horse riding can be a rewarding experience and it will create a unique bond between you and your horse. It has been proved that this activity comes with numerous psychological and cognitive advantages, so it could be a good idea to give it a try.

Nonetheless, if you are a beginner, you need to inform yourself first. There are certain things that you must learn before you go horse riding. Here are some of the most important tips that you should know.

Mounting the horse

Mounting the horse is something that can be tricky at first. You should remember that horses are normally trained to accept riders mounting on the left side. When mounting you should distribute your weight evenly and you can do that by pushing down on its opposite shoulder.

Don’t try to make the horse stay still if it wants to move. Allow it to move and try instead to direct it in the direction that you want. You should be able to find a balance point even when your horse is moving.

Find the right stable

It is very important to choose a good barn with the safest and most durable horse fencing. This could influence your entire training, as it will decide what kind of instructors you will have and what the conditions will be. One way to check the Stable Rating is through online searches. This way, you will see the reputation for each barn and you will be able to get a clear idea about them.

The horse might be going too fast

There might be situations when the horse will bolt, and won’t respond to its halt cues either. In such a situation you need to stay calm and don’t panic. There is an emergency stop technique that should help you get things back to normal.

Hold the reins tightly and pull on one side until its head turns. This way the horse will be forced to slow down in a circular motion. Make sure that you don’t do this out of a sudden as you might scare the horse even more.

Unapproachable horses

Some horses might not appear too friendly at first, but that might be because you don’t know how to approach them. You should know that horses don’t like it when they are approached in a straight line. Make sure that you approach it by walking in an arc. This way, the horse can see you coming and it won’t feel threatened anymore.

Direct eye contact should be avoided as well. When you are close enough extend your hand so that the horse can smell it. Then you can pet the horse gently before mounting.

Not feeling secure

Many amateur horse riders complain about feeling wobbly while they are on the horse. This is usually because they are not positioned correctly, or their seating isn’t aligned the right way. When you have the right posture, and imaginary straight line should connect the rider’s ear, shoulder, hip and heel.