NK:11 – ‘6AM (single)’

After cutting her teeth with touring with the likes of the Beastie Boys, Green Day and George Clinton, NK:11 is back with her not new single “6AMand is available on Amazon via the above hyperlink. The radio edited version is the one I checked out. What’s more after her colorful career sent her across the globe and drew the attention of publications including Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, FHM and others, NIK:11 shifted her focus to the vibrant world of electronic dance music. Her debut album landed her two features in Billboard Magazine as best new and upcoming artist!!

PURCHASE LINK: https://www.amazon.com/6am-Explicit-Original-Mix/dp/B0787TWM87

The song really sets the mood with quasi-toe-tapping frenzy of sound that will impress even the most staunch or listeners. In the forefront vocals and multi-layered beat vocabulary really set the tone. Vocally NK:11 works in perfect unison with this popular house style of music and is somehow unique, but despite hits all her notes very well. Her powerful tone is just as personal as her melodies are. It needs to be said – there’s a certain amount of mood assigned to each moment of this track. First the high octane intro, next the wind down, then the buildup and then the break-blowback finale all delivered n a tightly squeezed 3 minute window of execution. The strong high octane musical delivery during the first 30 seconds of the track did not subside as the song progressed. Following the intro comes for me the strongest territory dynamically for this song. It’s a bit unpredictable within the malaise of blooming hooks, synth variations and soaring movements there is an area where things begin to coil back before unleashing. True a lot of songs in Electronica follow this format, but for NK:11 it feels like breaks the mold somehow. I especially like the sonic fade to black in the end.

“6AM” is one of those songs that you may just take for granted while you are experiencing it. This hard hitting edge has hidden moments of ambient electronica dance which give the song depth and fullness. The solid rhythmic backbone featuring an all involved bass-line and intricate electronic rhythms syncopates well with NK11’s voice. Like me, you’ll probably like it by doing something unpretentious to put you into the mood comparable to a jolt of caffeine. In the end it’s a high energy single and only great artists like NK:11 can pull it off brilliantly.

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Xavier Thomas