Fighting narcolepsy with medications – Symptoms, benefits and side-effects to know about!

Narcolepsy is a nerve disease in which the patient seems to fall asleep anywhere at any time during any activities. 1 in every 2000 people has a chance of suffering from narcolepsy, and it is becoming a pretty common type of nerve disorder in today’s hectic life schedule. Stress and odd sleeping habits may have a role to play in this. But often time people mistake it for a disease to sleep more. Narcolepsy patients require the same amount of sleep as normal people do, except they have no control over their waking and sleeping pattern. There are various types of symptoms among which excessive daytime sleepiness or EDS, sleep paralysis, cataplexy, hallucinations and disturbed night-time sleep is most common.

How is Modafinil helpful in this?

Modafinil works as an agent to stimulate the central nervous system. This central nervous system stimulant medication or CNS, in short, can increase the amount of time the patient can stay awake, along with increased alertness in the daytime. This is most helpful for people who suffer from extreme sleepiness during the day. It can be either because they suffer from narcolepsy syndrome or some other sleep disturbing disorder. Modafinil is also useful in keeping people, who suffer from sleep disorders due to their hectic work schedule, alert.

How does Modafinil work?

Modafinil works as a stimulant on the central nervous system that is the brain and spinal cord together. With regulated use, this can provide certain relief from the usual extreme level of sleepiness that occurs due to narcolepsy. But this drug can only be used to decrease the symptoms and recurring of sleepiness in the patient. It is not a permanent cure for the disorder. The sad truth is, there is not yet any permanent cure for narcolepsy. With moderated drug therapy, however, the symptoms of this disorder can be controlled by the patient. The dosage depends on each’s and their respective doctors. Not all dose works equally for every patient. Modafinil can be availed under different brands regulated by the UK Meds and also can be purchased online easily.

Side effects of modafinil

Apparently, this drug is a life saver for a lot of narcolepsy patient. However, side effects of this drug also have been reported. Among which, irritability, anxiety, fastened heart rate, hypertension, disturbance during sleeping at night and even substance abuse are the most common side effects. The most common side effect of this drug however that has been reported is a headache, and almost 5 percent of patients who take it have reported this.


Like any other drugs, a word of caution must be mentioned in case of modafinil as well. It is a prescribed drug but a drug nonetheless. Just like any other stimulant such as coffee or sugar, Modafinil users tend to develop a certain level of dependency on the drug. This can turn into a regular habit if not take care of at the early stage. You should only take this drug if it is prescribed by your trusted doctor and at the exact amount that is prescribed to avoid any such circumstances.