Happy Curmudgeons – ‘Meant 2 Be’

‘Meant 2 Be’, the first music album of Happy Curmudgeons, got bounced out under the spotlight on December 2017, and since then it is flying off the shelves, has earned appreciation and applaud from the fans of this band. This album comes with a bunch of colorful, musically vivid, vibrant soundtracks, meant to energize the mind and soul. In ”Meant 2 Be”, Happy Curmudgeons has whisked the folk punk and classic rock proportionately, to attribute the joyous tone to the songs. An infectious beguiling energy flows down the collection that propels the rhythm of the songs forward and suits perfect for a party atmosphere. The lyrically playful, jovial music, warm vocals, ”Meant 2 Be” reflects a celebratory spirit on its highest enthusiasm and zest.

”Meant 2 Be” consists of eleven soundtracks, mirroring the individual, unique innovative and creative minds of Happy Curmudgeons. The album opens with the vibrant song, ”Bar Hoppin” that works as the instant illuminator of the mind, and follows another mind blowing song, ‘Soulsville”. ‘Soulsville” immediately pours the heart with joy and ecstasy. The skillful touch of saxophone has made this soundtrack bright and glow.

As the album moving forward, the lightning craftsmanship of music unfolds its layer one by one. ”Meant 2 Be” showcases the different level of expertise and talents of the artists of Happy Curmudgeons; each of them sharing their individual part to make a dynamic and wonderful creation. Besides the gorgeous and playful guitar, it is the beautiful and thought-provoking lyrics, ideas, heart-touching melodies, that have made this collection so special. Once you start to listen to the songs, you cannot get yourself out of the loop; you will want to listen to them more and more.

”3rd Coast” is another marvelous creation of Happy Curmudgeon that is filled with American spirit and energy. It will provoke the mind of the audience to imagine a beach-side area, bonfire, etc. The singing style and melody of the song seem to be genuine, and stunning. The super-charged yet loose acoustic guitar work makes the dreamy temper of ”3rd Coast” radiant and vibrant. After ”3rd Coast”, there comes ”Carnal Boogie’’ that start and energize the engine of ”Meant 2 Be” with few notches: heavy rhythm, indie-rock, and blues presentation.

”Burn Sugar Burn” is another high-rhythmic and energy boosting song that comes within the sugar-coated shell of indie-rock, partially the classic rock. The smooth melody, rocking energy, hooks the mind of the audience to a glowing mood and temperament. Happy Curmudgeons has settled ”Idle Times” with the raw materials: acoustic guitar, and a tender and ear-soothing vocal. As the beat and rhythm are going thicker, a sense of dramatization is becoming prominent and goes hand in hand with the well-versed lyric. The title track, ”Meant 2 Be” is pitch-perfect and somehow evokes a pastoral ambiance throughout it. It has become a single stage where all the talents of Happy Curmudgeons come together, get merged with one another, and become one and unique.

The warm and gentle vocals, playful instrumentation, the well-proportioned mixture of classic rock and folk punk, are such fine elements that have made ”Meant 2Be” distinctive among the contemporary music.


– John Matthew