Shadow of Whales “Runaway” Video

When we were kids, everyone continuously told us to follow our dreams. We were told to be true to ourselves and disregard the non-believers. But as soon as we’re thrusted into “adult” life, we are suddenly roughed up by institutions in an attempt to strip us of everything we were taught, and buy into the cookie-cutter life of the incessantly mundane. Austin, Texas’, Shadow of Whales is an Indie-Pop band with every intention of breaking the mold and inspiring others to carve their own path. Their new single, “Runaway” is the rebel anthem for this generation’s fight for individual freedom.

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Shadow of Whales was created when lead singer, Joshua Flores coralled friends from the music scene who had all gone in seperate directions. Lost in the raging waters of early 20-something-hood, Jeremy Boyum, Chris Fraga, JD Vasquez, and Caleb Flores were offered a life-saver. They were given a chance to make their way to new shores, and they’ve taken the opportunity with a feverish passion that is impossible not to root for. In 2014, the band released their debut single, “Dream”. This song detailed their plans to set sail for a new world where they are the captains of their own destiny. Their newest single, “Runaway” is featured on the ‘What We Do’ EP, the righteous follow-up to “Dream”. “Runaway” takes the idealism of “Dream” and turns it into tangible reality where actions certainly speak louder than words.