Studeo – ‘These Are Our Days/Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day’

Studeo goes for an airy, spacious sound with the majestic “These Are Our Days/Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day”. Vocals have a lovely quality to them sung with the utmost of compassion. A hopefulness informs the entirety of the collection while the lyrics have a poetic element to them. By keeping the whole thing relatively open, they ensure that the right balance is maintained between the bold and the beautiful. Emotionally the two pieces feel to work in unison, with “These Are Our Days” having a more contemplative temperament, with “Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day” going for a triumphant swagger.

Things open up with the quiet reflective ode of “These Are Our Days”. Starting up on a hushed note, everything gradually builds up in strength. Yet Studeo cleverly ensures that the evolution of the piece has a pastoral, reflective spirit to it. By opting for this style, the ballad becomes quite beautiful. When the synthesizer sweeps in the song taps into a cinematic spirit. Best of all is how this all comes together for a fantastic finale, which even brings a little bit of glam rock into the mix. Much more hyperactive is the long-lost 80s pop of “Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day”. Infinitely playful the jerky guitar riffs and infectious grooves work wonders in delving into a strong sense of defiance.

On “These Are Our Days/Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day” Studeo sculpts captivating compelling universes of pure bliss.

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