Jacob Dye – “Slow It Down”

Human is astoundingly good at ignoring their own flaws and bad at accepting their weakness, and even doing so their life becomes no less than miserable. None is perfect, all of us have shadows walking parallel with us. Many books have been written, many songs have been composed on how one should conquer his weakness and amplify inner strength. But, how would one accept his weakness or the things he is bad at? How would one deal with problems and challenges in his life? This is what Jacob Dye has spoken in his recently released song, ”Slow It Down”.

After receiving immense success with his song, ”Welcome to the Madness”, Jacob Dye, has recently released a new song, ”Slow It Down”. The song is about accepting weakness and how to get free yourself from this weakness. Life is not about the sunny days, there are clouds and raining too. Besides enjoying the moments of triumph, one has to admit his weakness so that it can never overpower his heart. The thought of getting failed may scare to death, but once you admit your shortcomings, there is nothing left to fear.

Jacob dye’s music bears a unique and Jacob-signature style, that revolves around indie, rhythm, and Blues. ”Slow It Down” is no exception to that. It carries Jacob’s innovative musical creativity merged with a story-telling lyrical presentation. Jacob’s whiskey tone, ear-soothing piano, and guitar prelude, rich lyrics, proportioned instrumentation— altogether they create such a musical cascade, that you cannot get your mind out from the song.

This mind-haunting, impressive soundtrack first begins with a playful piano notation and guitar and then comes Jacob’s unique voice. The music is not too loud or soft, the audience can easily interpret the song. There is not much instrumental part the song comes with as if he has decided to concentrate on his singing, completely. The musical presentation is a very easy-going, smooth, and simple; there is not much ornamentation or embellishment. ”Slow It Down” comes with a simple melody, and instrumentation that exists in perfect harmony.

In terms of the lyrical presentation, Jacob has chosen an intricate and complex subject matter: the journey and struggle to get himself out from the whirl of weakness and shortcomings. This journey is not only Jacob Dye’s, it is a universal struggle of all human beings. The background of the song is dealing with the harsh reality of modern times. And Jacob’s compelling skill of weaving meaningful lyrics in a story-telling mannerism deserves a big applaud. The lyrics of this song is expressing the exact thing that Jacob’s heart wants to proclaim to his audience.

The video of the song is also very simple and straight. Jacob is not roaming around streets or lying on the sea beaches. He is a songwriter and singer, not an actor, and he likes to present himself in that way. ”Slow It Down” is a heart-melting song, rich in lyrics and melody. It is worth to listen, and best for those who love music, not its exaggeration.

–  April Smith