Do It Yourself (DIY) Tips for a Leafy Roof

Let’s face it; at one given point in life, your roof will be old and damaged and there will be an urgent need to either replace it or repair it. There are some do it yourself tips that may come in handy in such situations. Please read on for some tips and tricks for a leafy roof.

Even with the given tips and tricks, ensure that you call a professional roofing contractor if your roofing problem is too much for you to handle. Never attempt to repair a roof yourself if you are not sure of the extent of the damage.

First things first though; you should beware of the safety precautions. If truth be told, repairing a leaky roof has its own share of safety hazards. So, beware of all the necessary precautions as per, especially during a do it yourself process. Below are some useful tips for a DIY leaky roof repair. Keep reading…

  • Inspect the roof – The very first step is to inspect the roof and identify the areas that need repair. For flat roofing, it is a small part of the roofing that will be damaged, meaning that you will only focus on the specific area. If your roof is inclined however, the roof damage will most likely be at a higher position that where the leak is coming from.
  • Clean out all the debris – Other than taking away all the elegance of a home, roof debris may damage your roof if left up there for long. Every once in a while, climb up there and clean up all the debris, regardless of whether you have a leak or not. Ensure that you clear out your gutters as well to give way for easy flow of water, especially during the rainy season.
  • Position the shingles – In most cases, shingles will shift from their original positions and this will result in a leaking roof. Therefore, inspect the shingles, and using the recommended asphalt cement, reattach the shingles to their preferred positions.
  • Replace shingles if need be – Shingles tend to get damaged during the cold season. So, if you realize that your shingles are damaged beyond repair, the only solution for your roof maybe to replace the old shingles with new ones. For the best results with a long lasting effect however, ensure that you buy your roof shingles from a reliable dealer.
  • Patch up any exposed roofing around the chimneys – Although professional roofers will best handle the chimneys, some chimney leaks may be as a result if small holes or exposed roofing around the chimney areas. If the damage is one that you can handle, repair the damage but if it seems challenging, contact your preferred roofing company.

Whenever you notice a small leak from the roof or you see an unpleasant water mark creeping from your ceiling, take action straightaway. Do not wait until the leak is too much for you to bear, because if that happens, you will have to call in a professional roofing expert to your rescue. The bigger the damage, the more money you will have to spend on repairs.