LegoHeads – “Headlights”

From Asia to Africa, who doesn’t love to listen to pop music? Pop songs are a complete package of melody, harmony, and entertainment. From theme, musical layout, instrumentation, pop songs are so sonically diversified that anyone can get into its rhythm and mood. Landon Trimble is another rising pop star in the world of western music, walking on the road to fame with his creative exuberance. He has shown the world how to transform a time pass recreation into a passion-driven vocation, how to manage a successful band like LegoHeads single-handedly. His first song came into existence in 2016, and since then he hasn’t turned back. And this year, he has launched his second album, ”The Space Between”.

Within a short time period, the album has earned a big applaud and appreciation from the fans of LegoHeads. The earlier songs of this one man and was basically lyric-driven, giving out the rainy vibes of north-western America. From the first song, Headlights”, to ” Here at the Edge”, all the songs reflect Landon’s preference for creating rich lyrics and an ear-soothing melody. Among all the songs, ‘’Headlights’’ will definitely seize the attention of the audience. The hypnotic portrayal of the lyrical and instrumental presentation of this song is like the booze that will make the audience paralytic. One cannot stop but let himself loose in the intoxicating melody and get lost in the avoidable trance.

The vocal and the instrumental sound of ”Headlights” create a bold impression of the amalgamation of emotion, situation, and atmosphere. Sometimes you may feel as if walking in the rain, smelling the damp earth through the song. This song is lyrically bold enough to touch the right strings of your heart, releasing it to a unique, unreal feeling.

”Headlights follows an easy-going and easy-to-interpret lyric, and musical tone. The audience does not need to struggle much in absorbing the true meaning what LegoHeads wants to express through this song. Rich in melody, heart-melting sound effects, will light up all the senses, making your nerves and senses energized. It is, in fact, a power-packed punch of intoxicating vocals and a fantastic artistry delivery, wrapped around a soothing and gentle cover.

”Headlights” shows what a one-man ambient pop band is capable of doing. In the song, sometimes, Landon Trimble sound like a happy-go-lucky lover, and sometimes a distressed person, waiting for the light. The provocative lyrical composition of the song is so moving and heart-touching, that it can create an immediate flame of desire, a desire to get lost in the world of LegoHeads. The desire will run by strong passion, hard to extinguish. After listening to this song, one would feel to have the overdose of pop music.

‘’Headlights’’, the newly released song of LegoHeads that belongs to the album ‘’The Space Between’’, has been crafted on the basis of a charismatic background, mesmeric melody, and captivating lyrics. Many notable pop songs are out there. But, ”Headlights”, no doubt, has earned its own place among the pop masterpiece.

– Linda Walker