Ashley J – “Satisfied EP”

”Satisfied EP”, the latest music album of Ashley J shows her remarkable evolution from a budding talented recording artist to a magnificent and proficient Pop singer. There is no doubt that Ashley understands that her musical presentation must be mesmeric to leave the audience with awe and surprise. But, in ”Satisfied EP”, has an underneath breathtaking substance. The album shows Ashley’s power to combine her hit singles with unheard releases in such a way that it would certainly be a hit among her fans. ”Satisfied EP” is a collecting of fresh, modernized, and devouring musical presentations, swirling around Ashley’s intensive and mesmeric vocal with the innovative hitch.

There are five tracks in this album: ”Trapped”, ”Unbreakable”, ”Satisfied”, ”Like You Used To”, ”When I Come Home To You”.  The album begins with the already intensely successful song, ”Trapped”, followed by the rest of the four songs. All the songs are powered by captivating and hypnotic music and above all, Ashley’s voice seems to be overwhelming. Once you finish the album, Ashley’s voice will stick in your mind for the rest of the day. This aspiring diva is not only blessed with good looks and charm, but her songs are also like the powerhouse of life and energy.

The Orlando native singer, Ashley J has traveled through many roads, ups and downs to earn this kind of musical and lyrical maturity. And her lyrical maturity reflects in the title song, ”Satisfied”. It is true that her talent and vivacity for songwriting dazzles in ”Satisfied”. Besides Ashley’s signature style of arranging the pop musical presentation, ”Satisfied” contains a fresh, modernized, passionate yet thoughtful lyrical content that will take a deep plunge into your head.

In terms of the usic, ”Satisfied” and the rest of the songs have taken the path from the electronic-house to the mainstream dance anthems. ”Satisfied EP” covers the ups and downs of human emotion. While the heart-conquering ”Unbreakable” shows how to pursue inner strength after a heartbreak, ”Satisfied” is a drifting love song, steeped with passion and warmth. All the songs are so much musically explosive, that they will carry you to their beat, draw you in for a moment, and then toss you out in another moment.

All the soundtracks of ”Satisfied EP” is the perfect blend of Ashley J’s vocal dexterity, and range, with the immense energy topping. She is switching between gears effortlessly, exactly when the time demands. Ashley’s vocal professionalism goes hand in hand with her lyrical artistry as if she has expertise all of the elements of music at once.

As a whole, the lyrical crafting of the songs compliments Ashley’s voice, background music, and the instrumental part. ”Satisfied EP” will refresh the mind and satisfy the musical cravings of the audience. The album is a pop gem, and it seems like Ashley has successfully taken her journey one step ahead to become a prominent figure in the world of pop music. With the release of the remarkable music album, ”Satisfied EP”, Ashley J sure keeps her fans hungry more than before.


9.5/10 Stars

– Emma Jones