DJ Thruvo – ‘You Me Her’

Sex, Hip Hop, Rap, have been buddies for a long time, as many rap songs reflect their hand in hand friendship. Songs that spring from the rap culture, comes with a salt-pepper sexual aroma, sometimes makes us sick. In terms of rapping about sex, there are girls side by side the bad boys, who wants to become the nasty-tongue. But if you dig deeper, you can realize that these rappers are trying to be frank and honest the way they express their opinion about physical intimacy.

DJ Thruvo is a name who create some astounding rap songs, where the clarity of the theme goes parallel with melody and lyrics. DJ Thruvo is a well-known rapper for his one after another raunchy hit songs, and he has returned to the world of the rap and hip hops, with his new track, ”You Me Her”. The theme of this new song is no exception to what DJ Thruvo has been trying to convey to his audience through his earlier songs.


Nearly all the rap songs come with a heavy bass and volume. DJ Thruvo is still clinging to the rap tradition and has pumped up ”You Me Her” with a heavy and strong bass. The music will empower you within a few seconds with an everlasting effect on the mind. Besides the theme, such a heavy bass is another key factor responsible for this song’s effectiveness.Just put on your headphone, listen to this high-voltage song and let your ears have a blast of fun and excitement.

In terms of the melody and beat, ”You Me Her” is a seamless web spun by DJ Thruvo accompanied by the Band of the Hawk. Besides the bass loaded track, the composition of the lyrics, talented rap vocals will glue your ears to the song; you will want to listen to all over again and again.

The song’s intimate and funky lyrics, interesting provocations, the style of rapping, make it joyful to the ears of the listener. With a background of the non-stop beat, strong bass, sharp and frank vocal, DJ Thruvo’s “You Me Her” sounds fascinating and intoxicating. He has played the role of a wordsmith exceptionally.

The song is much powerful to boost the intensity, particularly with the women. Right after the first encounter with this song, the listener will experience a certain feeling of energy, pursuit, and vigor, that he cannot stop his legs from dancing with the beats.

The lyrics of DJ Thruvo’s ‘‘You Me Her’’ have a complex flow and pattern, but when it comes finally, it sounds tight, bold, and compelling. In terms of maintaining the rhythm, not a single line goes flat, all of them are bound tightly with the rhythm and beat.

”You Me Her” compliments the fascinating and magnetic vocal flow of DJ Thruvo, accompanied by an electrifying beat and rhythm. The track packs full of energy with entertainment; it is a perfect mixture of explicit fun. The song is fair enough and worth checking out.


– Johnnie Johnson