How Instagram Is Giving a New Dimension to the Fashion Industry

We all know that Instagram had made its beginning as merely a photo-sharing and fun app for the youngsters but today it has assumed a very powerful position in the world of social networking because it has been designed perfectly for storytelling. Since the fashion industry is heavily dependent on brilliant graphics and stunning visuals, Instagram is just the right platform for promoting fashion. Instagram and fashion are complementary.

Ever since Instagram made its humble entry into the social media circuit, way back in the year 2010, the fashion scenario has gone through a dramatic transformation. Instagram is in fact, responsible for the democratization of fashion. Today a wider audience has easy access to the once elitist fashion world. There is certainly enhanced connection with the customer base. Instagram is an effective platform that gives brands an opportunity to develop a distinctive voice and communicate more precisely to their target audiences.

The New Wave

Instagram for the first time gave direct entry to this highly creative and exclusive community of the fashion designers and bloggers that was until then inaccessible by the common man. When Instagram got involved with the fashion industry, it at once, became a unique and indispensable method of effectively communicating with a brand. Like-minded people joined the fun. Now accessing other designers and editors has become quite easy. You could buy real Instagram likes to boost engagement.

With the growing popularity of Instagram stories, today the idea of fashion week has actually shifted away from just fuzzy or blurred runway pictures to polished videos of catwalk, boosting Instagram traffic to incredible heights like never before. During this season alone, Instagram’s fashion community that comprises over 143 million users have ended up generating 709 million engagements, thus, tripling the numbers that were recorded last fashion month.

The Attention-Grabber

Instagram’s viral nature seems to be hugely potent for effectively spreading and communicating the commercial message of fashion. A fashion designer no longer requires a huge following for grabbing attention. It is possible to grab all the attention and steal the show with simply one single Instagram post that could be quickly re-grammed thus, driving users phenomenally to actually the original source. The new-generation shoppers are motivated by both the product and the lifestyle. A peek into the designer’s mind and the stock cupboard together makes Instagram such a fascinating platform.

Here are some wonderful ways how Instagram is reshaping the Fashion Industry:

  • An amazing platform for establishing brand identity. Thanks to the storytelling feature, fashion retailers, as well as, brands are showing their preference for Instagram as the primary tool for showcasing their unique brand personality.
  • An effective platform for developing community engagement.
  • Instagram allows you to see what is happening behind the scenes.
  • Get an easy access to what is happening behind the scenes. Instagram has successfully wiped out the dividing line between the once-upon-a-time elite fashion world and the common public.


Instagram has completely transformed the fashion industry. It has brought about a radical change in the fashion world by opening the doors of the exclusive fashion community to the common public. Moreover, today brands are able to chalk out an identity, develop community engagement, and get huge returns.