Dynamo ‘Calligraphist’ New Single

Artist Overview: Calligraphist is a Bulgarian artist based in Manchester, UK. He is primarily known for his lyricism and presence in the Underground Hip-Hop scene. Winner of Kool G Rap’s emcee competition at age 20.

Song Description: Dynamo is an audio vanitas of sorts… a tune reminding the listener about the transience of life, the futility of pleasure, and the certainty of death.


Musical wunderkind Black Summer, otherwise known as Rhys Toms, is back with a luminescent new song Sadness, featuring Bahamian vocalist Chloe Campbell, set for release on March 23. The perfect followup to 2017’s Young Like Me, which has racked up over three million streams across multiple platforms, Sadness is an exciting offering from the accomplished producer who is still yet to turn 15 years old. Black Summer has also dropped a truly spectacular video to accompany Sadness, directed by Tim Maxx.

Jazz Fresh, ” Apologize”. Did Jay-Z steal this song for “4:44”?

“Apologize” is me in my most honest and vulnerable form. I touched on everything from having sex with my cousin and eating pork on Ramadan. Being jealous of Beanie Sigel and being a bad parent.”

New video from Fine China

Fine China have recently been featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered, The Wild Honey Pie and Impose and have a sound that’s very reminiscent of bands like The Smiths, The Cure, and New Order.

The Claudettes (from Chicago): New album produced by Mark Neill

The new album comes out March 23, 2018 on the Memphis label Yellow Dog Records (it’s our fourth release for the label). The album’s called “DANCE SCANDAL AT THE GYMNASIUM!,” and was produced by Grammy winner Mark Neill, who produced the Black Keys’ biggest album, “Brothers,” plus albums by Dan Auerbach, Paladins, Los Straitjackets, Old 97’s, J.D. McPherson and more. Here’s what Mark, who invited us down to his studio in Georgia to make this record, says of the album:

“Haunted cabaret…David Lynch movie music crossed with Allen Toussaint’s driving piano sound! And sort of like when you’re driving late at night in the South and two radio stations are coming in together and it’s PERFECT!…Like Otis Spann and Mark Sandman from Morphine sitting in with Keely Smith..I’m kind of riffing here but seriously nobody sounds like them…I love this new record, it’s crazy good.”

Chris Arnott – ‘Fighting With The Devil’ Single & Video

It’s been one hell of a trip that’s for sure. Chris Arnott finds himself, after nearly two decades in music, right back where he started. Guitar in his hands, words in his head and dreams about catching melodies on the breeze. The only thing thats really changed is the amount of life that has been lived, some of it blessed, some of it cursed, all of it worth living and writing songs about. Fighting With The Devil is the latest track from Chris, an emotional journey about a close friend.

SABER TIGER Ready To Release International Extended Edition Of ‘Bystander Effect’

Saber Tiger was founded in 1981 by guitarist Akihito Kinoshita and they have been illuminating the Japanese metal scene ever since. In recent years, they have been more prolific than ever, leading to the international release of Bystander Effect via Sliptrick Records in March, 2018. The album illustrates the broad appeal of Saber Tiger. The riffs are intricate, yet catchy. The songs are heavy, yet melodic. And the vocals of Takenori Shimoyama are raw, but extremely passionate. As a result, the groups heavy metal is classic and timeless while at the same time having the potential to appeal to both traditional metal-heads and fans of contemporary power metal. There are even some progressive influences in their music. The band may have been around for a long time but there is a freshness and commitment to the music that belies their many years and the band certainly sound nothing if not contemporary.

‘Young & Brave’ the debut album by Speak, Brother released 13th April

Boasting a powerful indie-folk-rock sound with subtle hymnal and gospel tones, their story-based anthems have drawn comparisons to the likes of Of Monsters and Men, Kodaline and Fleet foxes. Featuring their lush vocal harmonies, rustic instrumentation and contagious heartfelt lyrics, they are often referred to the likes of Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard & Foy Vance.

lcatrz – ‘Sexy’ – Italian hip hop artist self-directs video to new single

The self-directed video is a display of how Alcatrz always strives to push creative boundaries – creating a sonic and visual aesthetic that definitely stands out! The single is part of a forthcoming EP, that will be released on Alcatrz’s own label Digital Pop Records.

25 songs that tell us where music is going

If the last version of pop was driven by people who desperately wanted everyone to care and everything to matter, it’s only natural for the next wave to be interested in what it looks like when you don’t care, and nothing matters. There are areas of pop that could use a yank back toward wrestling with the stranger, murkier parts of human experience. Not that any adult can tell you whether that’s in the cards: Keep scanning along that birth chart, and it will emerge that the highest number of births in American history seems to have come around 2007. If you want to know where music is going, ask an 11-year-old.