Why People Who Don’t Like Football Will Enjoy Fantasy Football

If you don’t like football, that doesn’t mean you have to feel socially outcasted when it comes up in conversation. Fantasy football is a cultural phenomenon that is continually growing in popularity, and you don’t necessarily have to be a football fan to enjoy it. If you prefer, you can treat it as a video game.

Being left out of conversations about football is alienating, but at least if you play fantasy football you can get involved in conversations with peers. When someone asks you a question about football, settling for awkward silence is unfavorable. Instead, with surface level knowledge from fantasy football you can engage in water cooler talk. If you’re seeking further encouragement, most leagues provide Fantasy Football Trophies, which offer a sense of accomplishment like no other. You can even obtain championship belts which represent victory, alongside trophies that affirm success, and create motivation.

Fantasy football will help you avoid social exile. If the four month football season is a drag, it doesn’t have to be, and by absorbing the points below you’ll be one step closer to social acceptance.


This involves selecting players for your team in the virtual environment. In layman’s terms, it’s about selecting the best players possible, and as a non-fan you’re at an advantage because you won’t be swayed by bias. Die hard fans will select players based on their personal preferences, and their judgment will be clouded by selecting their favorite players. If your counterparts don’t like certain players, they’ll factor this into their draft decisions. You on the other hand can simply focus on selecting the best of the best.


Most leagues ask participants to draft an entire defense, a key determinant of how you perform on any given week. If your defense performs well in real life, this will translate to more points, and more points means winning! When your defense does well, the camaraderie between friends is second to none, where you can trash talk and stay in contact with people.


There is one commissioner for every league, and responsibilities entail setting up the league, resolving disputes, and recruiting members. If you relish responsibility and leadership, you’ll jump at the chance to organize a league. If not, you can have fun communicating anecdotes about your current commissioner with friends, creating an amusing point of reference.


A stud is an exceptional player who can be relied upon week in week out. For example, Adrian Peterson is renowned as a stud. If you seek further information, you can research online to learn more about the consistent reliability of players.


A sleeper is a player who is expected to perform reasonably well, but ends up performing like a stud! If one of your players performs well out of the blue, you can refer to their exceptional performance in years to come, or at least position yourself to understand the reference if mentioned in conversation.