Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones – “Long Time Gone”

Listen and enjoy how Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones amaze the audience with their song Long Time Gone from album Lights Are Burning.

Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones are experts in amalgamating vintage and contemporary to create a wonderful fusion of Blues, Soul, Rock and Roll, that leaves the audience with awe and amazed. Classic rock and folk tunes have always been their inspiration, the thing is that how they use their source of inspiration in their songs to make every creation shining and dazzling. Their songs are like the ever illuminating stars in the nocturnal sky, twinkling flooding all that is beneath them with light, the light of hope.

Talking about the light, Rob Larkin and The Wayward Ones have recently launched a music album named ”Lights Are Burning”. All the ten songs are amazing, in terms of both the lyrics and melody. But, the song ”Long Time Gone” is a marvelous creation and deserves a great applaud. The song is potent enough to create the waves of inspiration in the mind, jolting the listener back intensely to the fleeting opportunities of our life. This song is nostalgic and filled with the heat of energy.

”Long Time Gone” comes with solid melody, rhythm, and groove, such tone, and frequencies that it is a dream for the rock and roll people to listen to this song. Every turn the song takes, it curves a remarkable and twisting combo of sound and melody. If you take a quick peek at the Facebook page of Rob Larkin and The Wayward Ones, you may wonder what all the craze is about. But if you listen ”Long Time Gone”, it would not take more than ten seconds to understand their musical excellence. Rob is on the Guitar for many years, and this song is the reflection of his vibrant, melodious, imaginative playing. It seems like it is not a guitar Rob playing, it is the ax with which he is beating every rhythm.

The Blues-rock is not everybody’s thing. But as soon as one gets an experience with this particular song, he will become a fan of Rob Larkin and The Wayward Ones. ”Long Time Gone” comes with a refreshing and positive vibe in its approach, from the very beginning that you will want to listen to it more and more. The song is a combination of passion and enthusiasm, leaving the audience nostalgic and energized at once.
With the very opening, the remarkable wild guitar notes come out loud with the meaningful lyric, the groove in the bass, and the balanced beat of the drum. Instead of the wild playing guitar, the overall melody and presentation of this song will make your ears glued to it. You can’t help but listen to this song and get yourself lost in its highly accessible wild yet soothing melody.

This song is for those who are deeply addicted to the sound of music and melodies. ”Long Time Gone” will not evoke only satisfaction, but a joy, amazement mixed emotion. This is a terrific song runs through the wave of energy and if you are looking for something like nostalgic yet energetic, ”Long Time Gone” is the right one for you.

– Ron Johnson