Escape Room Games Explained in Detail

Escape room games are taking over the world of games by storm. They originated from Asia and Western Europe but are now popping up in various places all around the world due to their growing popularity. The concept was developed from video games and the popularity of the games is due to the fact that they provide a thrilling real-life experience that enables people to have fun and bond with each other.

All about escape room games

The games are played in groups of anything from 2 to 12 people. You can therefore play with your family, friends or colleagues. You can also team up with strangers and this makes it a great way to improve your social skills as you will have to work with strangers to solve the puzzles and escape the room. The game master will brief you and the other participants on the story line and the rules of the game. You will then be given a certain amount of time, usually 45 minutes to 1 hour, to find all the clues and escape the room New York.

The riddles, codes, and puzzles in the game make it mentally stimulating and this makes it all the more fun. The games are designed to be played by the whole group and teamwork is therefore necessary if you are to successfully escape the room. There are different levels for different age groups. Thus, it is a great activity for kids, teens, and even adults. The escape rooms have different themes as well. They can be based on your favorite video game or movie. Some are horror-themed to make them even more thrilling.

Why escape room games are so popular

  • Playing escape room games is a great way to bond with family or friends. You can hold birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties or even go on a date. The fact that there are different difficulty levels means that no one will left out.
  • Escape room games are great for corporate team building. They help to foster a sense of teamwork in the office and they all also improve communication within the office because of the nature of the games. Escape rooms are something different from the norm that everyone will enjoy and not feel like their precious weekend is being taken away by some boring office thing. Everyone will feel involved and it will definitely improve relationships within the office.
  • Escape room games are a great alternative for video games. While video games are still interesting, people are looking for ways to bond and engage in activities which enable them to socialize with other people and in which everyone feels included. Escape rooms provide just that.

Whether you manage to escape the room or not, the experience will be worthwhile as everyone will have a great time all the same. You can be sure to share lots of laughter and good cheer with your friends, family or colleagues while at it and it will surely be an experience to remember.