Scandic Tribe – “Revolution of Confusion”

Scandic Tribe’s “Revolution of Confusion” goes for a hard-hitting, heavy sound. With a timeless defiant attitude, the song deserves to be blasted at the highest possible volumes. Careening wildly the way everything comes together gives it a visceral impact. Vocals rest in the heart of it all, while they opt for a commanding presence. Lyrics opt for clever metaphors, offering up a poetic quality. Guitars thrash their way through it all, going from driving rhythms to screaming across the track. Drums have a force of nature like quality to them while they propel everything forward in a most majestic, fantastic fashion.



Guitars set the tone for the track. Building up in strength the languid tempos have a tremendous heft behind them. Upon the vocals entering into the mix the song truly begins in earnest. By rising above the chugging grooves, the piece has a free-spirited quality to it becomes more readily apparent. Allowing for a little bit of playfulness, almost a psychedelic rock interlude, further emphasizes the might of it all. The chorus gives it a communal quality to it, as a multitude of colors comes into the mix. For the latter half of the piece everything gains a tremendous amount of strength allowing for a take no prisoners approach, a moment of pure intensity before maniacal guitar work takes over.


With “Revolution of Confusion” Scandic Tribe chooses to go for a no holds barred approach with a gargantuan, all-consuming style.