Discover the essentiality and Way of using Incense

With the calming effects of aroma and wafts of smoke, Incense has truly been enhancing the aesthetics of air, present around us while providing peace to the mind, body and soul simultaneously.  The use of Incense is not something new; it has been prevailing in our houses since decades. Although it evolved years ago, it still triggers a large community of the world in every manner. Whether it’s emotional, mental or tradition connotations, Incense has been dealing with our lives immensely.

However, are you aware with the fact that wrong incense burning procedure can lead to several harmful consequences too? Have you ever witnessed, what’s the exact way of using Incense? If not yet, then read further and discover what makes the Incense unique, and how can you significantly improvise its benefits on your lifestyle!

But why do we actually love incense?

Before we proceed with the way of using Incense, let’s first explore out why and how, incense turns out to top our favourite mood refreshing product list!! Well, it has been used since the dawn of our human history. As fire got discovered, people explored how aromatic could the different plants be, while burning! Since then, it has been serving the human race with its aromatic impacts that can influence your whole mood while letting your body to ease. It has even been used for certain ceremonial purposes in various parts of the world.

Although, what majorly defines our love for incense is its incredible power of influencing our mood, spreading positivity and diffusing love, cheerfulness and tranquillity in the surroundings!

So, why incense is preferred in the modern world?

Unlike traditional aspects, way of using Incense today is largely inclined towards our psychological desires. These plants and their aromatic smell activate a specific part of our brain which might help the individuals to avoid depression, anxiety and other such negative feels. The essential oils included in incense, have got something healthy and beneficial in it. it lets our whole body get indulged in the emotion of relaxation and happiness. Thus, to deal with today’s stressful and hassled life, you might require learning the most positive Way of using Incense.

  • Incense somehow brings various other additional benefits with it. Some of which includes-
  • Creating a sense of togetherness and unity in various ceremonies and traditional events
  • Creating a sanctuary and increasing focus while you are working on something mind boggling
  • Increasing the feeling of motivation and creativity while lining your thoughts towards an exact focal point
  • Help foster your inner strength which lets you fight against the odds of everyday life.

So, with the right Way of using Incense, you can not only create a merciful environment around, but can desirably have your own mindset stay selective towards the positives. Once you get under the influence of incense, you will surely start exploring positive changes in your lives. However, this is only the case with natural incenses. The ones produced synthetically, might contain hazardous chemicals which might cause numerous unexpected health disorders.

What is the exact Way of using Incense?

Burning incense is not a rocket science for sure; however it still requires certain safety measures that you might undertake to have a fragrance full and safe day with incense. If you live in a house with pets and toddlers, the task becomes even more hectic, and you need to pay specific attention to what effects the incense can cause on them. Having an insightful take, can keep you away from all dangers, while serving you only with the positives! Here are some generic things that you must keep in mind while combusting an incense in the house of workplace-

  • Burn the incense in a ventilated area; otherwise it can lead to suffocation or headache, due to smoke and excessive accumulation of hard fragrance.
  • Keep both of the lit and unlit incenses away and out of the reach from kids and pets. Keep it in some isolated space at a specific height so as to avoid any uncertain incident.
  • If someone in your home has asthmatic or any other sort of respiratory issue, then you must avoid using incense around such people.
  • Pregnant women must take up complete consultation from doctor, before they get in contact with any form of incense and its fragrance
  • There are numerous varieties of incense, thus always try to stay aware about the ones which can alter your brain. For instance, mugwort has been evidently showing its effects on mood, which lead to induce lucid and vivid dreaming.
  • Always opt for high quality, organic and natural brands of incense. These not only influence your mind positively, but also keep you distant from the harm caused by chemical incenses.
  • There are people who might only wish to stay in touch with the fragrance, while they stay afraid about the harms of smoke. In such a case, you can make the use of sea salt lamp or air purifier. In fact, opening up bit of a window or doors might also facilitate you.

Way of using Incense while your pets are around

Pets necessarily might not have the same response to incense, like what we humans have! There are specific reactions of dogs, cats and other pets to the fragrance which they go through. Incense can produce considerable more impact on the dogs as they are quite much sensitive to aroma therapeutic substances compared to us. Thus, the essential oils included in your incense can let the dogs go crazy. The strong smell could create respiratory issues or headaches for the dog.

Always make sure that it stays away from the reach of your pets paws, otherwise they will directly ingest it. This will give birth to further complications. Well, the reaction of every pet towards incense turns out to be subjective. You can never assume how they are going to behave, so, just try it once at home and see their reaction. if everything stays under control, you continue the similar Way of using Incense, however, if it doesn’t, keep your pets away from incense.