Brit Drozda – ‘You Can’t Take It With You When You Go’

Brit Drozda goes for a classic bluesy style with the powerful “You Can’t Take It With You When You Go”. Full of passion the way the vocals are full of a fiery spirit. Lyrics focus upon the self, on having confidence in one’s own abilities, and are delivered with a tremendous amount of energy. Done with right deft skill, the whole piece positively teems with life. By going for something so vivid and colorful everything comes together in a pitch-perfect way. From the way the multiple layers of sound work in unison to create a kaleidoscopic rush.



Things start off with a mere organ and Brit Drozda’s strong, assured voice. From this small start things come into bloom quite quickly. Guitars have a nervous energy to them at first before they embrace something ever more comfortable. With the carefully laid out tempos the grooves grow, as everything comes into focus with a tremendous sense of ease. About halfway through the piece the song goes for a nearly ambient hue before it returns with even more impact. As the guitars tap into a heavenly aura the whole track feels so cheery. By the final stretch everything comes into the fray from the organ to the many guitars adding to an ornate piece of positivity.

“You Can’t Take It With You When You” shows off an uncanny knack for an optimistic view of the world, with Brit Drozda exploring the joy that comes with a full embrace of the happiness of life.