Troy Lindsey – ‘Everytime’

Troy Lindsey go for a dreamy blues-inflected country with the passionate “Everytime”. Proving to be a deft storyteller, a narrative for the underdog incorporating vocals that further emphasize this spirit. Graceful to its very core, Troy Lindsey incorporates a great deal of styles from a little western twang to a nod to honky-tonk. Best of all is how all of this feels ideally balanced, from the way the many layers come together in nearly a psychedelic flourish of color and melody. Rhythms further emphasize this feeling, as they go for a strong consistent driving tempo, never moving too fast.


Diving headfirst into the lush sound, the grooves have a warm comforting presence to them. Taking front and center stage are Troy Lindsey’s reassuring vocals that feels so soothing. Lyrics have a little bit of humor to them as Troy Lindsey sings with just the right level of passion. Piano further adds to this jaunty atmosphere, with a light and nimble approach working wonders. Guitar gestures feel particularly expressive as they are given room to roam, at times even becoming outright celebratory. Additionally, the guitar work has a nearly classic rock sort of flavor to them, as they nicely merge with the rhythm. For the final stretch of the track everything simply comes together as Troy Lindsey lets the song simply drift away possessing a bit of kindness to the sound.

With “Everytime” Troy Lindsey sculpts a song that possesses true heart and soul.