The FMs: “Eyes Are Suffering” by Eileen Shapiro

The genius behind The FMs, Matt Namer, was recently coaxed to relieve the inner-most essence of their new single “Eyes Are Suffering”. The band, known amongst other things as a true force in the sensibility and reconstruction of the complacency of the world, has once again created a powerful message, an anthemic reality within this explosive track.

The band itself is an orgasmic anomaly, ready to right the wrongs of society in the most musically goth reflections possible….

Your new single “Eyes Are Suffering” is musically super intense in the best possible way. What’s the message?

 We wanted to create an anthem against ignorance and complacency. 

 So what influenced you to write this anthem?

The melody actually came to me while I was walking around by myself at night in the middle of Yangon, Myanmar during a heavy thunderstorm. Do you ever have moments where you feel like humanity are a giant race of zombies, mindlessly focusing on the menial distractions around them? Is my AC working, did my baseball team win the game? It’s like being in a bad dream where everyone is sleepwalking and you’re screaming at them, but they won’t wake up.

In case someone doesn’t know who The FMs are yet, please briefly describe the group’s Philosophy and intentions.

A big theme for us is celebrating Frances and mine’s gender queerness, hence our name (Female/Males, or Femmes or Fuck Me Sillies). Beyond that we do our best to write meaningful lyrics that advocate change, or at least contemplate our situation. We also host underground events called SUBVERT that celebrate subculture, taboo, and rebellion, often through kink, queerness, and live music. 

Will there be a new album forthcoming soon? 

We just signed to ADIM records actually and will be putting out an EP with them within the next few months. We’ll be remixing some of our songs off Machinacene Epoch and including Eyes Are Suffering on it. We also have some really great videos we’ve been producing around the corner for “Extender” and “Change Your Men Up.”

Do you feel like music is your destiny, like it was decided before you were born?

Perhaps we are all on a predetermined path of chemical reactions. If all matter in the universe follows a set path and predictable way of behaving than it should be theoretically possible to predict absolutely everything that happens in the future of our universe. Perhaps it is our destiny to be able to perceive time both forwards and backwards. Perhaps the universe has a great rewinding process just like a VHS tape after its done expanding, and then maybe after its done rewinding it plays the tape all over again and expands in exactly the same way it did before. Maybe we are all on a giant hamster wheel of time that spans trillions upon trillions of years and we’ve had this conversation trillions and trillions of times. That said I’m a little weary of people who claim its their destiny to do things, at worst it lets them off the hook for committing terrible acts, and at best it probably makes them lazy. 

Any up and coming shows, projects, revelations?

 Tons of stuff. We’ll be playing the Elements Festival memorial day weekend, we’re doing a show at Gold Sounds on March 10th, our first without our drummer, and we’re trying to plan some tours and SUBVERT festivals in Brooklyn for the spring. As far as revelations, I think It’s time for me to get off the pulpit here, maybe the readers can comment with some of theirs in the comment section of this article.

The FMs