New Video By AV Super Sunshine “Smile”

One thing we’ve all come to love about AV Super Sunshine is his constant drive and energy to be the best he can be. Earlier in life circumstances sent him through a knock-down, drag-out period of his life, but he rebounded and rediscovered his musical passion in the process. After years of slugging it out and building the AV Super Sunshine sound, he released his most brilliant work yet, the rock gem Bass Face.

A slew of singles and videos such as Love NYD, I Am Alien, and Star Man all brought this cosmic-inspired full-length not only onto our screens, but also rode an impressive critical and chart wave. Then a funny thing happened….. His dance remixes exploded with DJs and fans across the globe, prompting AV to take Bass Face and reimagine it across the board as the Bass Face Remixes. Carefully crafted by producer Michael Bradford the tracks maintain the trippy, mesmerizing attitude of the originals, but kick up the dance-worthiness to an infectious level. A stand-out track has to be the remix of “Smile.” A tight bass rhythm underneath and propulsive beat take this mid-tempo original and hits the gas in the fast lane.

For his new video, AV has once again turned to his partner in crime, director Jared Sagal. A collection of AV and his musical confidant, Philomena, serenading and engaging the camera are stitched together with a wide range of throwback tv shows, commercials, and an abundance of big, beautiful smiley face emojis scattered in the background. The playfulness of the whole thing is unending, with the video and song rolling in a seamlessly musical and visual symmetry. It’s bright, it’s colorful, and it’s quintessential AV Super Sunshine.