Forrest Hill – ‘Still Crazy Over You’

Explore the musical journey of a romantic saga with Forrest Hill, Still Crazy Over You. Listen and Enjoy!

There are various shades of music in this world. Someone uses it to soothe his broken heart, while another one utilizes its charm to instigate a positive change in this world. Forrest Hill is one of those renowned singers and songwriters who has always tried to bring a positive change to his melodious creations. Being a passionate musician he has been creating music for a long time and has crafted a much popular track that is still sung and remembered as musical gems in the industry.

Way back in 1977, Forrest had started writing songs while he traversed the world gaining knowledge and experience. It is pretty obvious that his written words are influence from the experience he had earned all his life. Being a gem of a person, Forrest had always been compassionate about human emotions and suffering. Using music as his battle weapon, he has always tried to bring a positive change in human psychology and the awful societal norms.

The new track, ‘Still Crazy Over You’ is recently released from the album Shadow Light, which has already gained popularity among his fans and followers. Based on the human expression of intense love, this song is just another of the brilliant creations of him. Proficient in Folk, Indie Rock, and Americana, Forrest has composed this song in an amalgamated version of various genres. Beginning over the vibrant notes of a saxophone, the prelude marks an inevitable start to an exquisite journey of vehemence.

The song is strongly based on the expressions of love and relationship which has a natural instinct to touch hearts infallibly. Sung by Forrest himself, the song takes many quick edges as it glides through the various notes in a smooth motion of melodious rhythm. With a background setting on rhythmic drum beats the track starts with the words,’ I like my body, when its next to you, I like your smile when the sun comes shining through.’ Forrest has an amazing texture in his voice which grips the audience in its intoxicating artistry.

The song creates an intense positive ambiance on the stage which symbolizes the bright empathetic nature of love that doesn’t get dull with the increasing negative vibes from the society.’Let’s make love by the window, where the neighbors want to gaze’ is another instance in the single that illuminates the curious nature within the barren society who is always looking around for some meat.In an era, where distrust and uncertainty are given more importance, Forrest brings forth the power of love that can conquer all odds with its strong beam of positivity. The production work is as usual brilliant. Clear audio quality and minimal digital effect enhance the effect of the song for the listener.

Working with many renowned singers in the industry, Forrest Hill has utilized all his knowledge and experience to craft this beautiful melody of all time. Based on a natural theme and strong lyrics, this song projects his unique craftsmanship and talent. The background score aptly matches with the overall fabrication of the song and the ambiance. Crafted with a lot of passion the song is sure to inspire the young mass with its interesting and fun-filled notes.


–Jessica Smith