stop.drop.rewind – “I Was a Portrait”

With an unstoppable energy, stop.drop.rewind’s “I Was a Portrait” is full of a sense of urgency. Quite playful the way the song careens uncontrollably can feel reminiscent of Car Seat Headrest’s ability to capture a youthful yearning. The song deserves to be blasted at the highest possible volumes while the whole track rushes forth in a fantastic display of color. Representing the best of indie rock, the many layers work wonders in creating an entirely new world. By far the highlight comes from the passion vocals that rise above the din with the utmost of ease. Catchy to its very core the whole piece feels outright joyous, almost celebratory.

Guitars introduce the song, setting the tone. Rhythms have a loose quality to them as they are packed full of emotional heft. The grooves speed through while they incorporate a wide variety of color into the mix. Nearly kaleidoscopic, the cyclical nature of the piece further emphasizes the sweetness that permeates the entire song. A clear-eyed worldview helps to power the song along. Lyrics further focus upon the way that life unfolds in such a strange, unusual fashion. Poetic at times, the song builds and grows in scope. For the final stretch of the track everything becomes unhinged for the piece has a symphonic, magical spirit to it as it crescendos in full.

“I Was a Portrait” shows off the undeniable chops of stop.drop.rewind as they sculpt a classic, timeless track, one whose infectious riffs linger in the mind.