How To Write A Song Review: Custom Writer Tips

Do you wish to know how to write a song review? It is simple and fun. You will be providing feedback after listing to the song. But, song review is not the same as product or book review writing. The approach is different, and there are steps you need to follow. Here are few tips to help you draft a nice one even if it’s your first time writing this type of review.

  1. Plan the structure of the review

The first thing to start with is to create a structure. It will guide you throughout the review writing. You will also not easily run out of points if you have a well laid out. It should be easy for people to understand. Take time to draft it yourself like you are rendering homework service. It should be easy for people to read. Consider the following;

  • What you think about the intro (if the song has one)
  • How do you feel about the tune of the music? (rhythm and melody)
  • Do the lyrics of the song have any tangible meaning or it’s childish? You haven’t listened to the song, now is the time to do so.
  • What is your take on the vocals? Write how the vocal is. Is it too slow or fast? Do the singers have good vocals or need to improve? Just describe how you feel about the vocals. Even if you don’t know much about these things, you can tell when a singer’s vocal is distinct and great.
  1. The song’s digital effects

The use of digital effects in songs is becoming common. They make a boring song interesting. However, overusing them can also destroy a song. Talk about the digital effects in your review. Are digital effects used in the song? Were they overused or not? Will the quality of the song be okay without them? Providing answers to these questions will help you write a detailed review of digital effects in the song.

  1. Use the right vocabulary and phrases

Avoid using words like “good” every time if you want your review to be taken seriously as at Writingjobz. Use something more familiar in the music industry, to prove that you know what you are writing. For instance, if you are writing about melodies, words like melodious, tuneful, and original are positive words you can use in your review. While to describe a negative feeling, you can use words like tuneless, overly complex, and plain. You need to improve your vocabulary. Learn new words and ways to express your feelings as a professional.

  1. Quality of the recording

Well, most upcoming artists may not be that financial buoyant to give quality recordings. So you don’t have to deliberate on the issue of recording quality too much. But, if the artist has already made a name in the industry, then you can do so.

These are tips to help you create a perfect song review. You also have to be sure that your review is unbiased otherwise it will not be taken seriously. Your review might help an upcoming artist to get the support he or she needs to sponsor a project. So, now that you have seen how simple the process is, you should not hold back when asked to write a review on a song.