What Are the Best Escape Room Games for Your Mobile?

Escape rooms are a great way to experience an adventure. They are also very popular with corporations for team building activities. You can also get a group of friends and have the escape room experience purely for the thrill of it. One thing you can be assured of is that escape rooms are thrilling.

Some of the best locations in the world will give you a variety of cool escape room games to enjoy when you visit. The internet is filled with information about the best escape room games in any city of your choice. You could visit to enjoy the games, or you could start one where you are. You can also play them on your gadgets:

  • iOS devices
  • Android devices

Escape room games for your gadgets

The games involve shutting you in a single room or a tiny area which you have to get out of. They are first-person games. You are more interested in the puzzles that you are given rather than the story or the characters. Some of the best mobile escape room games include:

  1. The Lost City

While you are not exactly trapped in a city, you have depressing rooms that you need to get out of. The beauty of this game is that the seasons are at your behest. You get to change them as you like. It is a giant adventure that automatically trails of necessary symbols and keeps you up to date with locations on them approved.

  1. Hellraid: The Escape

Nobody wants to be in hell. Getting there and getting the means to get out would be the dream of many no doubt. The action takes place in a torture chamber that is filled with horrendous assassins all baying for your blood and cages and skeletons that you must escape from. The stuff of nightmares!

  1. The Room

Of course there is a room! Nope! No room! Just a puzzle that you poke at and tap until you get to find out what it holds in the middle. It is nevertheless very engrossing as you do not want to stop until you know what’s in there.

  1. Escape the Titanic

There’s a vessel that could have used a couple of escape routes! You are going down and the water is gushing in. If you do not find a way out, you are going to drown. There is an escape route but there obstacles that you must go through in order to get there. For instance, live wires! In the water! That’s a recipe for disaster. You must jump from screen to screen avoiding getting grilled alive until you get to safety.

  1. Escape the Hellevator

See the play on words? You are in a faulty lift and it is on its way down. It is going faster than The Flash! You must stop it or get off! This one requires speed and spot-on decisions.

  1. Forever Lost

Get some writing material for this one because there are twists and turns galore and there is no way you can remember them all; unless you are a supercomputer.

Apart from thinking of places like escape rooms in Sacramento, California and others where you can experience the physical lost room, you can also pass time in the house or at the park with your mobile phone and have great fun trying to get yourself out of hairy situations.