Molly Kruse – ‘Ruby’

Molly Kruse paints an elaborate mixture of country, soul, and the blues with the life-affirming journey of “Ruby”. A highly unique take on folk the song has an ornate, nearly mystical quality. Exploration of a multitude of styles and genres flow into the mix. Quite all-encompassing everything simply stuns. The polished pop perfection works wonders, as the instrumental richness adds to the colorful quality of the piece. Banjo playing gives the song a teeming, outright energetic outpouring of sound. Rhythms have a loose, almost carefree sort of spirit. Easily the highlight of the entire piece comes from Molly Kruse’s impassioned vocals that rise above it all. Poetic in tone Molly Kruse sings with an undeniable yearning throughout the entirety of the piece.


Not a moment is wasted for Molly Kruse starts the song off with a tremendous amount of vigor. From there the song gains considerable strength while it powers through such terrain. Piano intermingles with the banjo leading to a vast tapestry of sound. Melodically rich everything simply sparkles with a tremendous sense of tenderness and love. Best of all is when Molly Kruse slowly peels away the many layers in a gorgeous breakdown about halfway through the piece. For the final stretch Molly Kruse lets the choir reach a fever pitch as everything becomes undone in the absolute best way possible.

On “Ruby” Molly Kruse proves to be a deft singer-songwriter, creating a mysterious world with such ease.

By Max Winter