Mean Machine – ‘Fatty Boomba’

Featuring an infectious groove, Mean Machine embraces a four to the floor dancefloor anthem with “Fatty Boomba”. Everything works from the nimble beats to the playful handclap. With great determination the whole track barrels forth as a virtual force of nature. Best of all are the lyrics that help to tie everything together. Volume is an absolute must for the physicality of the song is undeniable. Stylistically everything is grounded with a EDM beat, while other genres like funk, soul, and even a little bit of rock gets filtered into the mix. Layer upon layer of sound comes into the mix. The overall carefree yet intense approach feels reminiscent of Disclosure’s equally upfront take on dance.


A giddy melody introduces the piece. From there the piece gradually comes into focus. Mean Machine shows off their attention to detail while they let the beat drop. Everything comes together into a glorious stream of color, allowing for such a fantastic party-like atmosphere. The chorus in the background further emphasizes the communal spirit of the track as everything gains in intensity. Nearly kaleidoscopic with its many melodies and rhythms, the piece feels outright majestic. Stately melodies further power the piece while it has an elastic approach to the tempo, playing with listener expectations. By the very end of the song everything neatly merges into a wild style.

Downright joyous and with a tremendous amount of energy, Mean Machine goes for a celebratory atmosphere with “Fatty Boomba”.

By Matthew Stein