ShaQ:Muzik – ‘My One & Only Love’

This song has an R&B style. Its sound is soft and gentle. The softness brings to mind love and that’s exactly what the song is; a romance, a serenade, a love song. The title, My One & Only Love does well in showing the potential listener what they will be listening to. The title demonstrates a lasting love that only comes once in a lifetime. It is a song about him finding his soulmate, about pursing that love, and wooing her. It has a lovely soft sound and deliberate lyrics; it is a true love song. It is a song of real romance about soulmates, which is something that is very authentic and rare.



“Your smile, pretty brown eyes, chasing my blues away,” is a line of lyrics from the song that begins to illuminate what type of love song My One & Only Love is. It’s a love song about a relationship that makes him happy when he is down, which is something essential in love. “Like snowflakes fall in winter time, soft and so blind. Your prints on the sands of time, such a joy to find,” is another line from the song. There is a theme of seasons in this song too, winter and summer. The seasons make for a song that is about a lasting love, a romance that withstands time is a real romance.

There is an echoing quality which gives the song a fairy tale vibe. Also the image that associated with the song is almost fairy tale like. There are what appears to be floating lights in the foreground of the photo. These lights create a combination of a Hollywood vibe and a fairy Godmother feel. The pink, yellow and red lights give it the fairy tale feel whereas the white makes it feel Hollywood. The white is in different textures that make them appear almost like spotlights. The background upon first glace appears to merely be black but with further inspection the background takes the form of a face. It’s strange that a face is a background and the lights in front of it appear to be the focus. But when the mystical feel of the music is considered it matches up quite nicely. The picture is illuminating the mystical beauty of this person who he is so madly in love with. It is a great focus point for the listeners eyes because it is intriguing and enhances the music if you listen to it and look at the image at the same time.

The song is a love song. It is not by any means anything but a love song about a serious relationship. A relationship that lasts until death does us part. The piece is all about the romantic side of that lasting relationship. It also carries with it a fairy tale and Hollywood feel. These styles work well with the R&B genre, it creates a feeling of depth within the piece. This is hard to come by with modern music, earnestness in romance created through slowness and deliberateness.

By Josh Goldman