Natalie Jean and Levi Moore – ‘The Letting Go’

The Letting Go by Natalie Jean and Levi Moore becomes an overnight sensation among its huge number of fans. Listen and Enjoy!

Music has a unique power to bind identical souls who live to cherish the enlightened flame of mesmerizing melodies. Natalie Jean and Levi Moore are such singing duo who bears a deeply embedded passion for singing from their very childhood. ‘The Letting Go’ is the newly released single by this musical duo which has already started gaining a lot of attention among the masses.

Born to a famous Haitian artist, Guy R Jean, Natalie has music implanted into her genes. She had long immersed herself in this musical passion when she used to sing with her father during her childhood. Influenced by artists like Lena Horne, Celine Dion, and Etta James, Natalie sings with emotions deep enrooted inside her heart from her life experiences.

In this single, she accompanies Levi Moore, an immensely talented country singer from Savannah, GA. A full-time musician, Moore is also an expert guitarist and writer, who has traversed through many difficult edges in his life before he could start a career in music. His voice has the natural instinct of incorporating the warmth and emotion that the song takes its way through.

Written by the New-Jersey based talented songwriter Michael Peloso, the single track is an inspiring journey of love, heartbreak and moving on in life. Gripping lyrical section and synchronized instrumental background score, this song evokes an ambiance of irresistible vehemence. Starting over a short simple prelude the song gains intensity when Natalie mouths the initial lyrics in her deep, soulful voice, Íf I told ýou, this rain will start.’

Though the background score is kept over a single beat melody throughout the song, it doesn’t lag the tune and keeps the listener interested throughout. The perfect piano notes played during the little pauses in between the verses and along the song enchant the audience with its persistent artistry. As the chorus approaches, the intensity of her tuned vocals reaches high pitches which produce an extraordinary passionate moment in the song. Just when the chorus glides into the thin meadows of calmness and composure, Moore joins her in the song, taking the song to a completely new level.

Just like Natalie, Moore starts the verse over a soft uplifting tone of positivity and gradually moves towards the passionate and highly intriguing notes. His heavy and pleasant voice echoes through the rest of the song as the ambiance absorbs the energetic performance and glows with the positive aura of the whole track.

The song binds a beautiful tale of unforgettable love and the strength it bores into the mind and soul of a human body. This track flows over a logical explanation of feelings and relationship which is sure to inspire many young hearts. The audio quality of the song is quite high with keen attention given to making the song enjoyable for the audience.

Brilliantly penned down by Michael Peloso, this track, ‘The Letting Go’ is truly a masterpiece by Natalie Jean and Levi Moore. With so much talent and passion merging on a single platform, this track is already a memorandum in the world of amusing harmony.

— Natalie Parker