Advocating for Biomass – A Cleaner Source of Energy

Biomass is a clean source of energy that is produced from manure, plants and other organic matter. Being an organically produced energy, biomass is known to be a carbon neutral energy source. Unlike other traditional fuels that are said to release carbon into the atmosphere once burnt, biomass does not release any carbon into the air.

To give credit where it is due, biomass is not the only clean source of energy that we have around. What matters is that biomass is not given as much credit online or on other information sources as solar energy and wind power. This post is therefore meant to help spread the gospel that biomass is also a clean and renewable source of energy.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that there are several companies and biomass installation experts in your local area waiting to serve you. First things first though; read on to understand why biomass is significantly better than any other clean and renewable sources of energy.

  • Biomass is reliable – There might not be as much information about biomass but fact is that it is a reliable source of energy. Unlike solar where you depend on the sun or wind power which is produced when the wind is blowing outside, biomass is produced from waste, manure and other organic matter.
  • Biomass has been in use since time immemorial – Worried about technology and the new sources of energy that we have these days? You can go back in time and embrace biomass as your source of energy. The good news is; since this source of energy has been in use for a very long period, it has been tested and proven to be convenient and reliable.
  • Biomass keeps waste out of dumping sites – Like mentioned above, biomass is produced from organic mater and that includes the waste that is often found in landfills. Believe it or not, a greater percentage of the waste that often ends upin our dumping sites contains biomass. Therefore, biomass harvesting companies will have great interest in dumping sites which means that the waste will be converted into something useful.
  • Biomass is the best renewable source of energy – Although solar and wind power are also renewable sources of energy, biomass takes the lead because it does not rely on the weather outside for energy to be produced. Moreover, biomass is also suitable for home or commercial use. And since it is a liquid form of energy, the biomass could be used in several appliances where other renewable energies would not necessarily work.
  • Biomass controls the decomposition of organic materials – Waste and other organic mater are known to release methane into the air when they decompose. But when the waste is used to produce biomass, decomposition does not take place. This means that by using biomass, we are reducing to a great extent the menaces of global warming as we advocate for a cleaner environment.

From the information in this post, it is quite clear that biomass is a readily available source of energy not just here but around the world. This then makes it a good choice for anyone looking for a reliable renewable source of energy.