RatRod – ‘Do You Remember Rock and Roll’

RatRod go for a wild, unhinged, manic sort of energy with the careening “Do You Remember Rock and Roll”. An attitude of defiance dominates over the course of “Do You Remember Rock and Roll”. Comparisons to AC/DC feel somewhat inevitable for they go for a visceral, full-bodied style. The tremendous swagger of the album works wonders with riffs that linger in the mind. Playful to its very core, RatRod hold nothing back rushing through in a glorious sea of distortion letting volume serve in a most special, greatly joyous way. In fact, this is the defining characteristic of the entire album: its tremendous sense of fun.

Not a moment is wasted for “Rat Like Me” rushes forth with an insane, unbelievable display of chops, from the commanding vocals to the chaotic guitar solos. Jagged guitar riffs introduce the raw power of “The Fool”. Chugging rhythms with a sun-scorched take lends “More Than Meets the Eye” a sense of defiance. Incorporating a little bit of a bluesy grit “Ride It (Like Ya Stole It)” serves as one of the highlights of the album, showing off the tremendous vocals. A timeless dreamy atmosphere permeates the out of control passion of “Beds on Fire”. By far the best is saved for the last with the thoughtful ode of the title track “Do You Remember Rock and Roll”.

Audio Listening Link: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/ratrod2

Wild, carefree, and embodying what rock and roll should be, RatRod’s “Do You Remember Rock and Roll” reminds the listener what real rock is. It is this.