New Video By IBRU “My Life”

Raised on the remote South Andros Island of the Bahamas, reggae/dance fusion artist Ibru is fully dedicated to delivering his inspirational and culturally conscious music to the masses. Having already lived through various phases in life, Ibru rose like a phoenix from his small town nest by moving to Florida, serving the US military in Iraq and most recently bringing his music career to Kingston, Jamaica, the center of the reggae universe. His journey in the vast musical landscape begins now with the release of his new tell-all single, “My Life”.

In 2011 Ibru put himself on the map with his debut single, “Stand”, which challenged his fanbase to stand up for what they believe in. Since then, he’s shared ideas with other collaborative artists in the Kingston scene, dedicated to developing his artistic craft. His new single, “My Life” is his introduction to a broader audience, and rightfully so because the lyrics serve as an abridged autobiography. This latest creative effort offers a more mature and confident tone as he presents himself as an artist proudly wearing his early-life hardships on his sleeve. Despite spending nights without power and days without water, Ibru wants to enlighten his listeners with the knowledge that hard work and a positive attitude is the combination that cultivates dreams.

The “My Life” music video was filmed in the less “touristy” parts of Jamaica, showcasing communities that mirror the one he was raised in. Raw footage of real people living the life he sings about can be truly eye opening for many music fans who don’t need to wonder if they’ll have electricity or water to get them through the day. With the help of video producer, Christopher Campbell and Icey Jace Film Factory, Ibru was able to create a compelling music video that both enlightens and inspires with an honest message that everyone on this planet should be constantly reminded of.