Instrument Safety: 4 Tips to Safely Moving Your Band’s Equipment to a New Storage Space

When youre in a band, your equipment is your livelihood. You need to make sure that all your gear, from your instruments to your amps, is kept secure and in the best condition possible. Its much too valuable to take chances with. Should you need to move it, make sure you know exactly what youre doing. Here are four tips to safely move your bands equipment to a new storage space.

Find a Good Company

You want to make sure you have the name of a good company to store your bands gear. Look for ones online or through friends. Make sure you have the best recommendations possible. The storage facility you use should be affordable and as spacious as possible. Its also good to use one that other musicians do. Make sure that you are clear about your payment dues and dates.

Hire a Moving Company

Equipment is valuable. Theres a chance that your gear has acquired more than a few scuffs over the years. You dont want to worsen this with a sloppy moving job. Hire professionals such as Bekins Van Lines Inc who are going to handle your equipment with are. Do them a favor also by arranging your gear in a way that makes it easy for them to load into their truck. You should have things packed into boxes and sealed.

Be Careful

You can never be too careful when it comes to moving your bands equipment. Every piece should be picked up with utmost concern. Dont let things drag or be otherwise sloppy. When it comes to transport, you should make sure that you or the moving company is driving carefully. Bumps in the road or driving too fast could lead to accidents which could lead to damage to your equipment. Its vital that everyone understands responsibility with your gear.

Dont Overload

You dont want to have too much in your storage space. Doing so could have a negative effect where you can barely get through it alive. If you have lots of gear, you can arrange it in a purposeful manner. This is also a good opportunity to get rid of equipment thats falling apart. Theres no sense in storing it if it wont be worth hanging onto.

We hope this has given you a great idea of how to move your bands equipment to a new storage space. When the time comes to do this, you want to be careful about everything. From moving to storage, you need to treat it all like a baby. With these tips, you can keep your bands equipment secure and play some amazing shows.