The Good Morning Nags EP

The Good Morning Nags releases their debut EP which hits the chartbusters within a very short span of time. Listen and Enjoy!

The Good Morning Nags is a New York based musicians band who crafts innovative musical style by blending the notes of country-folk and raucous. This group of proficient singers merges the old melodies of old Americana with the upbeat rhythm of the city and innovates a new genre of music with country and bluegrass music. Officially formed in 2010, the Nags are back after their initial break by performing in the New York subways and parks. Recorded in 2016 they have finally released their first EP, ‘The Good Morning Nags EP’ this year which was recorded in the Brooklyn’s Let Em In Studio.

The Good Morning Nags EP sets the establishment for future undertakings filling in as a thrilling minute inside the band’s origination. This industrial mixture of harmonious tones is a demonstration of the handwriting of the great artistry in the industry. The assessments installed inside the lyricism depict the talent and enthusiasm of the group which is one of a kind.

The string instruments struck all the correct melodies in attachment and harmony with the contending percussive segments. The strengthening of this collection fortifies the immense passion when the songs approach its musical flow of mixed notes. The mixed combination of creative soundscapes maintains a smooth gliding along the bluegrass music style which forms into an energizing change of contemporary musicianship.

The vocals all through the EP hit different notes that have a rhythmic movement and does not stay at all static to the creations. The idealistic forceful tonality instilled on each track moves with a feeling of scurrying that fills in as the heart beats taking advantage of the heavenly tunes put forward and the soulful guitar movements. There is a feeling of recklessness with a quiet demeanor that is expected to lift the soul of the listeners.

With the song ‘Sugar Baby’ they use the age-old conventional country tunes but in a creative structure and passion. It recounts a heart-touching story of lost love and how to proceed onward after it. The uniqueness of the song further intensifies as it showcases the use of harmonium to bind the tunes into a perfect melodious number. With a perfect musical arrangement and catchy lyrics, the song takes a quick glide towards the rest of the songs in the EP.

The songs in the EP create an intense passionate atmosphere that binds the listener to the performer in a magical ambiance. With talent and innovation flowing into the ocean of music, the EP is sure to touch the soul of many music lovers. With a distinctly high recording quality, they have recorded the album with pure care and immense desire to prove themselves. The digital effect used in the EP is minimal which further enhances the feel of the whole album.

The Good Morning Nags EP will convey their internal force onto their undeniable collection of good craftsmen musical melody. The EP not only brings forth their immense knowledge and uniqueness but also inspires many young musicians to believe themselves and their talent. This EP is a true masterpiece which is sure to lure many music lovers into the world of creative music.

By – Jonathan Williams