Ashley J – ‘Satisfied’

Ashley J is an up and coming artist with voluptuous looks and music which is full of great fluctuations of sound which keeps listeners interested. Her voice is high, clear and distinctive. The photo for the single is almost angelic looking with her bright white clothing and her blonde hair. The white background also adds to the angelic feeling and so does the large amount of light which they use for the photo. This innocence is definitely an interesting contrast with the lyrics about a casual romantic relationship.

Ashley J is from Orlando and has been developing her passion since a young age. When she first began she would write song lyrics on her parent’s bathroom walls. She did this so often that her parents were constantly repainting the walls. Eventually she built a catalog of a 100 songs. She also has a BA in Business Law from the University of Northern Texas.

The sounds of this song are pop. It’s a song about a romance, a romance that she doesn’t want to let other people know about. “I need what you got in the worst way,” is a great line from the song which describes in more detail the nature of the romance. It almost seems that keeping the romance a secret makes the relationship suit her better. The instrumentals sound like echoes and work in great contrast with her full and high pitched voice. Her voice also has a carrying quality that makes her music pleasant to listen to.

About halfway through the song the bass begins and works as a contrast to all the high pitches that are filling the song. The sound almost has an angelic quality because of the high pitched nature of so many aspects of it. Although using angelic to describe the song is contradictory to the lyrics. She adds to the angelic quality further with her all white attire and blonde hair. Also the background behind her is all white with small accents that look like sparkles. Her makeup also is shining. Usually shinny makeup is avoided. However it is purposefully done in this case to add to the shine and the great deal of lighting used to contribute to the effect. The photo of her that corresponds with the song is of Ashley in a white dress, her shoulders are draw back and face turned slightly to the left.

Her posture and white dress contribute to making the aloof and angelic look which is in contradiction to the lyrics of the song. The lines of the song are almost risqué which makes for an interesting contrast with the innocent seeming image which is displayed for listeners to correspond with the song. It is about a relationship which is fulfilling to the singer however she doesn’t want to let other people know about it. The secrecy of the relationship somehow enhances it for her. This combination keeps the piece very interesting and makes listeners curious about what other musical works she has to offer.


By Max Winger