So we are so excited to have Rev Peter Unger here to help kick off a fresh week on Monday morning. He has just released a new single that is so moving, ‘Lord Guide Me Home’. He continues his mission to inspire through music. Lets get all caught up as we kick off 2018 with Rev Peter Unger!

Where are we talking from today, and what are your top music goals?

I write Contemporary Christian Folk music for worship. Prayer for me is part of any songwriting process When I write songs initially my hope is that they will create a more meaningful worship experience. In a greater context, as a pastor, I am concerned for the spiritual and moral bankruptcy afflicting many parts of our culture. My songs are written from a a more open-ended perspective spiritually, and therefore I hope they will resonate with a broader cross-section, not only of traditional Christians, but spiritual seekers.

What is the most current project you are promoting right now?

My most recent songs seem to be taking on more of a social commentary lyrically. I am not driven by any political investments, so my songs, hopefully, only reflect unaddressed spiritual needs in the culture. I have deep concerns about the way faith and political ideology have been expediently tied together, both on the left and right. This has been done politically, and by some church traditions, at both ends of the political, and theological spectrum, in ways that violate the true spirit of the separation of church and state, and can secularize faith. The people I hope to reach with my songs, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, are those that are truly seeking spiritual depth and meaning in their lives in ways unadulterated by narrow political and religious beliefs.

Do you have plans this year to do some live performances?

I have performed my songs exclusively within worship contexts as a Pastor. I often do this in conjunction with a story I tell that precedes the song, so my format and goals here are somewhat unique.

‘Lord Guide Me Home’ – https://www.reverbnation.com/revpeterunger/song/29090292-lord-guide-me-home-master

Are you excited or concerned that streaming may eventually replace consumer’s needs to buy music?

The greatest hope I have for my music is not commercial success. I am not sure that my sound Is professional enough, or fits with any current popular music genres, to achieve that anyway. My primary goal has been simply to reach, with the help of the Holy Spirit, a greater audience than my congregation. Given this, streaming music for free has not been an issue for me. Still I can clearly understand why it would be for other singer/songwriters.

Where can we follow you online and via social media?

My songs can be found on under Rev. Peter Unger on Reverbnation, or YouTube. Although strangely I am not much for formal titles. The Rev. title online was really an accident.

Site: https://www.reverbnation.com/revpeterunger