4 Essential Maintenance Tasks Every Music Hall Regularly Requires

For any building, preventive maintenance is a must to ensure all goes well. This is particularly true with music halls, since the quality of the performance, as well as the audience experience, can be hindered by maintenance problems. Because of this, it’s important for music halls to have maintenance staff perform certain tasks on a regular basis. If you need to know more about how to keep a music hall in the best possible shape, here are four essential maintenance tasks every music hall requires regularly.

Roof Maintenance

If there is one thing you don’t want to have happen during a musical performance, it’s a roof that starts leaking. Therefore, doing a thorough roof inspection is a must. For example, after a hard rain or storm, always inspect the roof for any loose tiles or holes that could result in leaks. Along with this, always inspect the guttering to ensure it is secured to the building and free of debris, since this can also lead to roof damage.

Cleaning the Drains

Along with having a roof in great shape, it’s also important to conduct regular drain cleaning. By doing so, you’ll ensure no drains will be stopped up, which if undetected could lead to bathrooms or other parts of the music hall getting flooded from overflowing sinks.

Electrical Systems

If there is any building that relies heavily on its electrical system working properly, it’s a music hall. After all, if the electrical system fails, lights will go out, sound systems will not work, and a performance will likely have to be cancelled. To keep this from happening, a hall’s electrical system should be checked on a regular basis. Connections should be checked for any worn wires or parts that could pose a hazard, and light fixtures should be checked for bulbs that are burned out or have become loose.

HVAC System

To make sure everyone is comfortable during a musical performance, the building’s HVAC system needs regular maintenance. For best results, air filters in units should be replaced each month, and pumps and boilers should be checked daily for worn out parts or other issues. By doing so, performers and audience members will be able to stay cool in the heat of summer and warm during the depths of winter.

By having maintenance personnel perform these tasks on a regular basis, it’s likely any performance in the music hall will be able to go on as scheduled.