Zombie Garden Club – ‘Animals’

Zombie Garden Club goes for a meditative weird world with the surreal sound of “Animals”. Akin to a modern-day mantra, the song opts for a strangely soothing quality to it one that guides it forward with great care. Effortlessly blending together, a sun drenched psychedelic rock alongside elements of industrial ambience, the whole thing feels warm and welcoming. Best of all are the reassuring soothing lyrics that rest peacefully above it all. Throughout the song Zombie Garden Club chooses a loving sort of narrative to explore, one that feels oddly romantic and expansive.

Soaring off with such grace, the piece begins in earnest quite quickly. Guitar work further emphasizes the ornate quality of the piece. The synthesizer and guitar come together to become one, as they each soar to such great heights. A steady groove helps to hold the entire thing together. Upon the introduction of the vocals Zombie Garden Club gets even more mellowed out. Emphasizing a spirit of community everything about the piece works for Zombie Garden Club chooses a gentle path. Full of love for the world, the track becomes ever statelier. Guitar solos ring out up into the sky while the whole thing goes for a hypnotic soothing groove. The way everything works allows for a bit of tenderness to reach into the innermost spirit of the piece, especially as it fades away in a beautiful wash of sound.

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On “Animals” Zombie Garden Club embark on a fantastic journey, one that positively teems with life.